Benefits of Red Light Therapy Before or After Workout

Benefits of Red Light Therapy Before or After Workout




Over the years, red light therapy has been effective in treating different problems. There are hundreds of patients who have undergone RLT and have seen positive changes in their health as well.

The method of RLT used less invasive red and near-infrared lights to treat different ailments. Did you know that RLT proves to be effective for post-workouts as well?

In this post, Bontanny will guide you about how this method can be beneficial for you if you are considering it for post-workouts! Let’s get started!

What is Red-Light Therapy?


RLT is a method that includes specific low-level red light and near-infrared red light. These lights perform as per the method of photobiomodulation, which is a non-invasive process. A highly particular wavelength of both these lights is used during this process.

This wavelength then stimulates different processes in the body as well. To generally understand this process, the light waves will cross the skin and stimulate the cells and other metabolic processes. We are going to learn more about it in detail in the following sections.

Definition and Basic Principles: When you undergo RLT, your body will interact with specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared red light. These wavelengths are crucial because, without the attempt of RLT, it cannot be successful.

The spectrum of therapeutic lights typically ranges from 630 nm to 880 nm. Within this range, Bontanny offers specific products like their 850 nm red light therapy and 660 nm red light therapy devices. This method is neither invasive nor damaging, making it a preferred choice for many. People often turn to this treatment for major health concerns due to its effectiveness and safety. Moreover, it's heatless, ensuring that your skin remains protected throughout the session

The Science Behind RLT: The main target of RLT is the mitochondria. The purpose of the mitochondria is to produce energy for the body. The role of mitochondria is to produce ATP, which proves to be effective for the functioning of the body. When mitochondria interact with these two lights, they undergo stimulation greatly.

Due to this reason, they double up the production of ATP for the cells as well. When this happens, the following changes occur within the cellular bodies that you should know!

  1. Increased ATP Production: When ATP increases, this energy becomes crucial to be used by the cells for their functions.

  2. Improved Circulation: The increase in the production of ATP dilates the blood vessels and promotes blood flow at the same time.

  3. Reduction in Inflammation:RLT also triggers the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which prove to be effective for alleviating the inflammation successfully.

  4. Cellular Repair and Growth: It is also effective for repairing the cells and preventing possible cellular damage that might occur during different processes.

  5. Pain Reduction: RLT is beneficial for the production of endorphins, which are natural pain killers and contribute to reducing pain, which is quite common during post-workouts.

    Red Light Therapy Benefits: Before Workouts 

    a. Enhanced Performance:

    • Increased Energy Production in Muscles: Red-light therapy (RLT) is crucial for producing sufficient energy in the muscles after workouts. So that muscle repair can take place in time without preventing further damage, since it targets mitochondria and enhances ATP production, it proves to be effective for natural body functions. It ultimately increases the energy; the muscles can experience more energy during and after exercises as well.

    • Improved Endurance and Strength:There is no doubt that RLT is good for fortifying your muscles. It makes the muscles endure more pain and fatigue, which always occurs after strenuous workouts.
      Due to RLT, the person will be able to endure all the workout pain and fatigue quite easily. Once muscles have been strengthened, then the person will be able to do more rigorous workouts later.

     b. Prevention of Injuries:

    • Increased Blood Flow and Reduced Muscle Stiffness: It is true that RLT can easily reduce injury pain and body trauma to a great extent. It speeds up the blood circulation and oxygen supply as well. When muscles consume this oxygen, they become active in their performance as well. In this way, there will be less chances of muscle injury as well.

    • Complementing Warm-Up: RLT also proves to be effective for warmups. In this way, you can prepare yourself for tapping into strenuous workouts. In this way, this method suits the warmup session and your cardio routine greatly.

    c. Mood and Motivation Boost:

    • Psychological Effects of RLT on Workout Readiness: RLT does not provide you with physical benefits. Instead, it proves to be effective for psychological gains. You can have your mood uplifted with it as well. People who rely on RLT experience better motivation and stamina for workouts as well.

    • Reduction in Anxiety and Stress Before Workouts:RLT is a great mood uplifter because of its impact on your mind. The reason is that you can feel inspired to indulge in daily workouts without wanting to give up at all. You can continue with your workouts with positive energy at the same time.

    Red Light Therapy Benefits: After Workouts

    a. Accelerated Recovery:

    • Reducing Muscle Soreness and Inflammation: We all know that workouts cause muscle tearing and fatigue. In some cases, you might experience muscle injuries as well. Therefore, LED light therapy is an effective solution in terms of speedy muscle recovery so that you don't have to suffer from any physical pain at all.

    • Promoting Faster Tissue Repair:You can also experience fast tissue repair from damage through RLT. It stimulates fibroblasts and collagen, which contribute to tissue repair on all counts. It proves to be effective for the athletes and sportsmen as well.

    b. Reduced Risk of Post-Workout Injuries:

    • Enhancing Post-Workout Recovery: It can happen when you have to struggle with post-workout injuries, including muscle strain and muscle tears. Due to this reason, RLT proves to be effective for preventing post-workout injuries. It fastens up the tissue repair and produces new cells for fixing these injuries.

    • Preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS): DOMS can also be treated with RLT. It normally happens to some people right after a strenuous workout. It is not a good condition for the athletes and can contribute to better healing as well.

    c. Improved Sleep Quality:

    • Connection Between RLT Exposure and Better Sleep Patterns: This method also proves to be successful in fixing your sleep patterns as well. It releases endorphins, which create a positive impact on sleep and also aid in overall body recovery for the person.

    You can improve your health and fitness game with the Bontanny Moving Pro Series Red Light Therapy Device. It helps to enhance your workouts by harnessing the power of red-light therapy. Using it before to enhance performance and after to accelerate recovery is recommended. Buy now and invest in your fitness journey today.

    Practical Tips For Incorporating Red Light Therapy Before And After Workout Routine

    • Timing RLT Sessions: It is important to fix the time duration needed for RED light therapy. There is no thumb rule to undergo the method. You can aim for it before your workouts and after them as well.
      It is important to take a 30-minute break to gain more positive results from the method. Right after a muscle injury, it will be better to undergo this method to reduce inflammation and soreness easily.

    • Duration and Intensity:You also need to consider the duration and intensity of RLT. Depending on each case, these factors vary to a great extent. Some people need 20 minutes of RLT if they have been severely injured, while others don't. Also, some injuries can be treated with much lesser intensity of RLT successfully.
      It will be better to consider the following safety measures to conduct the RLT method successfully without compromising yourself at all!

    • Protect your eyes: It will be better to cover your eyes with goggles so that the wavelengths won't damage them at all.

    • Follow device instructions:Whatever RLT device you are using, it is crucial to stick to the equipment guidelines to avoid any problems using it.

    • Monitor skin reactions: It will be better to check if the method creates a negative impact on your skin or not. If it does, then the better will be not to proceed with it further.

    • Consult with a healthcare provider:To play safe, it is crucial to consult your healthcare provider and consult them first before proceeding with this method as well


    Potential Side Effects:

     LED red light therapy is an effective method, but it has some major side effects that you should know:

    • 1.It can cause temporary skin redness or irritation.

    • 2.You can feel dryness or itching of the skin.

    • 3.Eyestrain or discomfort is possible if you have not covered your eyes.

    • 4.Overuse of RLT can cause major health concerns instead.

      Real-life Testimonials:

      Athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world who have undergone RLT have been contended with its results. They were able to see a visible difference in their stamina and performance on all counts.
      Their muscles became strong, and they were also able to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness with this method effectively. Therefore, RLT proves to be a beneficial method that has fixed major muscle problems for athletes on all counts



      There is no doubt that RED light therapy is a useful method that promises great muscular performance for athletes and sportsmen. Over the years, it has undergone different medical advancements. Due to this reason, the RLT method meets the medical standards and has been recommended by the experts as well.

      In this post, we have discussed how red led lights proves to be effective in promoting overall muscle performance for athletes. Not only this, it prevents muscular injuries and also reduces inflammation.

      A person can easily boost their stamina with the help of RLT because it enhances ATP production greatly. Hopefully, now you can rely on this method to fix your major muscle problems effectively in the future!

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