Best Postpartum Gifts for Mom: Spotlight on Red Light Therapy

Best Postpartum Gifts for Mom: Spotlight on Red Light Therapy


Postpartum can be quite a deal for mothers. It is a rollercoaster ride when your body comes back to normal—your hormonal levels reboot, which causes depression among some mothers.

Therefore, our mothers need proper care and attention to overcome physical and emotional changes postpartum. Now, when it comes to showing affection to a woman going through postpartum, you will think of wholesome gifts.

Mind relaxing mists, pillows, and others. How would you react when we tell you that a clinical treatment called red light therapy can be a practical gift for our mothers?

We will elaborate on how red infrared makes a thoughtful gift for such women and how they can best use the therapy!

In-Depth Look at Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic process that uses red and near-infrared light wavelengths. These wavelengths do not harm the skin. They cross the skin barrier and reach the cellular bodies.

As a result of this stimulation, the body initiates the natural healing process and repair. There is no doubt that RLT proves to be a great form of cellular therapy and has shown incredible results for dealing with postpartum depression.

In the past, experts used this process for plant growth in space and cured different wounds and injuries of astronauts. There is much more to this process that needs our attention.

Scientific Research Supporting Red Light Therapy

Below, we are giving you the science-backed benefits of LED light therapy:

  • 1. Promote Wound Healing:

  • It is an excellent source of healing for women going through postpartum since it enhances collagen production. When this happens, the collagen helps the skin rejuvenate and repair compromised skin.
  • 2. Improve Skin Conditions:

  • Infrared red light alsobenefits stretch marks by increasing collagen levels. Besides, if you have inflammation, it will reduce the inflammation and heal the skin, making it look better.
  • 3. Reduce Pain and Inflammation:

  • This process can help you relieve back pain because these are common complaints by women undergoing pain and inflammation. There have been many cases when this process could cure skin inflammation among women postpartum.
  • 4. Enhance Mood and Energy:

  • This process uplifts the mood. Taking care of and monitoring your mindset is essential during postpartum since hormonal changes can cause mood swings and depression.

The best you can give to a new mother is LED light therapy. The reason is that it not only provides physical benefits but also gives emotional relief to them. It has everything that a mother needs during postpartum.

It is safe to undergo since it is not harmful to the skin. The process can leave some mild and temporary side effects, which can be treated with simple remedies. All in all, you can book a new mother around you an appointment for RLT and explain the process. This discussion will provide you with the necessary insights to make this happen.

Significant Red Light Therapy Benefits for Postpartum Moms

Postpartum is not just a physical challenge for mothers. Instead, they also struggle with emotional fluctuations. Due to this reason, complaints of depression and anxiety are common among women.

When such women undergo RLT, it empowers them to get the physical and emotional relief that they need. Besides, this process is also dependable compared to other methods regarding fast and desired results. We will discuss some significant benefits of RLT for postpartum women in the following section:

Skin Recovery and Stretch Mark Reduction.

When mothers tap into the post-pregnancy phase, they undergo several changes. One thing that is mainly compromised during this phase is their skin. The presence of stretch marks is painful and psychologically impacts them.

Mothers start to think that they are not beautiful anymore. Other external factors also contribute to their depression, and they are unable to deal with it. So, how does infrared red light fix postpartum stretch marks? It is pretty obvious.

LED red light increases collagen production and speeds up the body’s natural healing mechanism. Due to sufficient collagen in the skin, the stretch marks begin to heal. Not only this, but the inflammation and swelling around them also subside. The area of the skin around these stretch marks also needs timely repairing and healing, for which RLT is a tested method.

Pain Relief and Muscle Rehabilitation

We all know childbirth causes excruciating pain to women. Now, such pain is quite traumatic to the body, which is why women require affection and attention to deal with this shock during their postpartum.

Different muscles undergo strain during childbirth, so immediate relief after birth is necessary for women. Red light therapy’s best work is to repair the damaged cells. Plus, it regenerates the compromised muscles and lets them relax.

It results in less muscle stiffness, which provides the utmost relief to the women. There is no involvement of harmful chemicals and drugs in this procedure, which is recommendable for postpartum women.

Experts consider it a better alternative to conventional pain relief methods for women. It ensures more protection and muscular rehabilitation among women.

Mental Health Improvement

Postpartum mental health is a serious discussion, and we need more people to discuss it. Many women are unaware of the changes that happen during postpartum. Lack of knowledge puts them in unprecedented emotional changes that they cannot address.

To cope with this, LED red light is a simple therapeutic method to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of these women. It enhances the serotonin in the body, which results in mood upliftment for women.

Besides, some women cannot sleep properly during postpartum due to depression and mood swings. RLT also fixes their sleep and allows them to take proper rest.

Guide to Choosing the Best Red Light Therapy Device for Postpartum Recovery

Let’s begin with the complete guide to considering RLT for restoring your physical and emotional relief during postpartum. Carefully read the instructions and tips to maximize RLT and efficiently deal with postpartum problems. We will go section by section so the new information won’t overwhelm you.

Essential Considerations When Selecting a Red Light Therapy Device

  • Size:

  • The professional LED light therapy machineprocess comprises different devices, like panels. Some women don’t require total body panels since their needs are different. You must ensure which panels suit you, as the wrong choice of panels can complicate the process and alter the results later.

  • Wavelength:

  • RLT consists of specific red and near-infra-red wavelengths such 850 nm red light therapyor 660 nm red light therapy. You need to consult with your expert regarding the wavelengths to ensure they are sufficient to meet your requirements. The wavelengths might vary as per the patient’s needs.

  • Intensity:

  • You don’t want to damage your skin by using intense wavelengths. Therefore, it is better to adjust the intensity of wavelengths, and you can seek your expert’s assistance for this purpose. Some women are prone to some intensities of RLT, so it is essential to consult your doctor to decide on a suitable intensity for yourself.

  • Usability:

  • You can opt for tailored and adjustable device settings to help you be comfortable during the process. Your doctor will help you with this so that you can let the wavelengths absorb entirely into your skin.

Recommendations for Red Light Therapy at Home Use

As described earlier, we use some specific devices for red light therapy before and after. Therefore, you need to know about these devices before initiating the procedure. Learn about them with us!

  • Handheld Devices:

  • These are useful when targeting wavelengths to the abdomen and stretch marks. These are portable and do their job of efficiently directing wavelengths to the targeted area.

  • Wearable Devices:

  • Such devices don't interrupt your time with your baby. You can wear them and let them do their job. These are great options for different women since they don't have to attend sessions at a clinic. It provides them with the comfort and ease of using these devices at home.

  • Full-Body Panels:

  • You cannot use full-body panels at home. These installations are only available at clinics. The reason is that these panels target a large area of skin for recovery and repair.

Tips for Integrating Red Light Therapy into Daily Postpartum Care

  • Consistency is Key:

  • You don't have to opt for long sessions. Start with short sessions and try to be consistent with the frequency.

  • Incorporate into Routine:

  • Don’t shy away from RLT; try to make it a part of your life.

  • Relaxation Time:

  • Try to meditate and pamper yourself, even if undergoing RLT, which will deliver good results.

Enhancing the Postpartum Recovery Experience

Besides professional LED light therapy machine, you would need a restorative environment that will help you foster emotional well-being. Below are some tips that would help:

Strategies for Supportive Environment

  • Comfortable Space:

  • If you use home red light therapy, create a relaxed and peaceful space to indulge in the process.

  • Combine with Other Practices:

  • Combine red light therapy devicewith self-care practices that you prefer, which will amplify the impact of the process on your skin and body.

Importance of a Self-Care Routine

  • You need a self-care routine that will empower you to love yourself even in a challenging postpartum phase. It is possible that you would want to give up on everything due to postpartum depression. In this case, RLT and self-care practices will be beneficial.

Suggestions for Other Wellness Practices

  • 1. Hydration and Nutrition: Eat a healthy diet and monitor your nutrient levels.
  • 2. Gentle Exercise: Start with mild exercises at home and develop flexibility in your body.
  • 3. Mindfulness and Meditation: Meditate and try to reflect within, which is crucial for well-being.


If you are a postpartum mother reading this, then a red light therapy machine can be the best possible solution you need. You can also use red light therapy during pregnancy and this process to ensure their physical and emotional well-being.

The BONTANNY red light therapy device emits both red and near-infrared light. We designed it to alleviate pain, promote muscle and joint relaxation, and enhance blood circulation. It boasts a pulsed function, timer, mode switching, and a 270° free movement capability. Your purchase includes a user manual, power cable, and safety goggles for your convenience.

It is strongly advised to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before acquiring and using any red light therapy device to ensure it aligns with your needs and goals.