Can You Overdo Red Light Therapy

Can You Overdo Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy (RLT) has been giving magical results to people with skin issues. It is not invasive, gentle on the skin, and provides several physical and emotional benefits. RLT is for those who want to eliminate significant skin issues without damaging their skin.

People have been able to witness the difference in no time. From irritating and inflamed skin to fresh, repaired, and healthy skin within a few weeks is no less than a miracle. Now, it is possible to think of overdoing red infrared.

Whether feasible or not, we will learn about it in this post. You will be able to learn about expert opinions regarding this matter. So, let’s get started and find out if you can overdo red light therapy!

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Before we begin, we need to understand the workings of red light therapy. We use red and near-infrared wavelengths of light for red light therapy such as 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy. These wavelengths are harmless to the skin and cross the skin barrier.

Their ability to reach the deep-lying tissues stimulates cellular bodies like mitochondria. The purpose of mitochondria is to produce Adenosine triphosphate ATP, which is the body’s natural energy carrier.

When sufficient levels of ATP are in our body, it gets consumed for different healing and repairing processes. Due to this reason, we use RLT to boost this production and aid the body’s natural healing process. If we compare RLT to other treatments, it is more gentle and mild on the skin and shows positive results within a definite period.

Common Devices and Settings for RLT

You can undergo RLT in two ways. The first is at a professional dermatological clinic. Different devices for performing RLT are available at these clinics. The experts can adjust the settings and functions of these devices per the patient’s requirements and the situation's intensity.

The other way is to undergo red light therapy at home. Now, special portable devices that don't need expert supervision are available. You can use them on your own just by reading the instructions.

The difference between both ways is your requirements. Factors like budget, distance, time consumption, and convenience. By evaluating these factors, you can easily choose which option is the best for you.

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Skin Health

LED light therapy intensely focuses on skin recovery and well-being. It reduces inflammation around compromised skin. For instance, in the case of burns and stretch marks, red light therapy device can subside the swelling and gently regenerate the skin.

Besides, it removes wrinkles and keeps the natural texture and tone of the skin intact. There is no doubt that LED red light is a primarily skin-centric treatment, but it also provides you with other physical and emotional benefits.

Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

Athletes can significantly depend on RLT. This procedure relaxes muscle strain and relieves pain. In case of extreme pain, experts recommend undergoing RLT to repair damaged and broken muscles.

The healing process initiated by red infrared is beneficial in preventing further muscle damage. For this reason, this procedure is quite famous among athletes since it provides fast muscle recovery and pain relief.

Other Reported Benefits

Not only the benefits mentioned earlier, you will receive other benefits through this process as well:

  • Fast hair regrowth and nourishment
  • Better sleep cycle and good riddance from insomnia
  • Mood uplifting for depression and anxiety patients

    Can You Overdo It?

    Now comes the real question! Can you overdo red light therapy? The answer is more complex. infrared red light does not harm your skin. However, there is a chance of temporary side effects that will go away with time.

    The common side effects include redness, dryness, and inflammation in some areas of the skin. All these side effects can be fixed with mild remedies, including moisturizers and a regular skincare regime. But if you overdo it, there will be chances of relapse. The impact of the procedure might begin to vanish.

    It can also trigger the cellular bodies, which might not be beneficial for the desired results. Sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions is the best thing to do. When you overuse the portable devices for home red light therapy, chances are that they might malfunction.

    An increased risk of current leaks, heat damage, and short circuits can endanger your life. Therefore, it is essential to consult your expert if you want to overdo red light therapy.

    Based on your requirements, they would be able to help better. In general cases, it is recommended not to overdo the procedure. Tailoring the treatment to your body’s needs and capacity is essential.

    The Risks of Overdoing Red Light Therapy

    If you undergo red light therapy moderately, it does not harm you. However, there are some potential risks and side effects that overdoing red light therapy can cause. Things can get complicated if you are unaware of the risks. Therefore, you will learn about these side effects in detail below for better understanding.

    Potential Side Effects:

    Prolonged exposure to red light therapy can harm you instead of doing any good. Modifying red light therapy is crucial to provide the skin with the required repair and healing. Let’s see what problems might occur if you overdo red light therapy.

    1. 1. Skin Irritation and Redness: Your skin can become dry and irritated. Besides, in extreme cases, the dryness and inflammation can take more than usual to go away.
    2. 2. Risk of Damaging Eyesight: Normal exposure to red light therapy causes patient photosensitivity. In case of overdoing, the condition can worsen. You don't want to damage your eyes while treating your skin.

      Importance of Guidelines and Professional Advice

      When you opt for a treatment, gathering as much knowledge as possible is essential. Below, we will guide you regarding the importance of professional supervision and consultation at every step when undergoing red light therapy.

      Lack of Long-Term Studies

      Red light therapy sounds pleasing to the ears. It makes sense because of its extraordinary skin, mind, and muscle advantages. However, we need more evidence to back the process for overdoing it. Due to this reason, you should be careful regarding the process and its phenomenon. There is a fine line between using and overusing the process, and you have to consider this difference.

      How to Use Red Light Therapy Safely?

      To ensure complete protection and safety during the process, you will find some expert recommendations below.

       Recommendations for Safe Use

      1. 1. Duration: The recommended duration of infrared red lightsessions is 20 minutes. The experts can increase or decrease the duration based on the skin requirements of the patients. Some patients don’t experience the desired results with 20-minute sessions, which the experts must tailor only.
      2. 2. Frequency: You can easily undergo LED red light5 times per week. Now, this frequency also depends on your needs. If you are satisfied with the initial 4-5 sessions, further red light therapy is unnecessary.
      3. 3. Intensity: The condition of your skin determines the intensity of the treatment. In highly damaged skin, the treatment would initiate the healing process faster and protect the skin from further damage.

        The Significance of Personalization

        Professional LED light therapy machine is a procedure that must be tailored to a patient’s requirements. Personalization is one of the critical factors of a successful RLT procedure.

        1. 1. Individual Needs and Conditions Matter: The condition and skin type are essential when developing a personalized red light therapy machineplan for a patient.
        2. 2. Adaptive Approach: RLT for every patient involves an adaptive approach to ensure desired results without consuming much time.

          Consulting Healthcare Professionals

          Keeping in touch with your expert is essential when undergoing red light therapy.

          1. 1. Expert Guidance: You will know what will work best for you and provide you with the desired results.
          2. 2. Safety First: Being safe during the treatment is essential, and your expert can navigate you through the process at every step.

            Signs You Might Be Overdoing Red Light Therapy

            Red light therapy is a promising therapeutic process. However, it is essential to monitor it as much as you can. If you are overdoing it mistakenly, then it causes you trouble. Many people end up harming their skin because they don’t know the symptoms. So here, you will find the signs that result from overdoing the therapy.

            Identifying Symptoms of Overuse

            You must be able to identify these symptoms to take timely action and stop the process. At that moment, you would have to rush to a doctor and seek their assistance immediately to treat your skin.

            • 1. Skin Irritation and Redness: There is excessive redness and inflammation in different areas of your skin, and they take a long time to go away.
            • 2. Excessive Dryness: Your skin is flaking, and you are experiencing dehydrated skin, which is making your skin crack in different areas.
            • 3. Fatigue: You often feel exhausted, and your body gives up as soon as you start doing something. Even coffee does not help!
            • 4. Headaches or Eye Strain: Your head is often heavy, and you feel unusual strain on your head and body.

            The Role of Breaks and Moderation

            The best practice you can do is to consider taking breaks and using the RLT moderately so that your skin and body do not get compromised.

            1. 1. Scheduled Breaks: Divide your sessions into different breaks so your skin and the devices can pause before you start again.
            2. 2. Listen to Your Body: Immediately stop the procedure if you feel anything peculiar in your body or skin.

              Adjusting Your RLT Routine

              Sometimes, problems with your routine can complicate the impact of RLT on you.

              1. 1. Reduce Frequency: Try reducing the sessions every week and see if it works.
              2. 2. Shorten Duration: Don’t exceed the session duration if your body does not accept it.
              3. 3. Lower Intensity: Adjust the intensity per your needs and body’s natural endurance.


                In conclusion, overdoing red light therapy can be quite problematic for you, but with professional supervision, you can avoid all troubles. This discussion aims to provide the necessary insights you need in this case.

                Buy the Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device to adopt a healthy routine and incorporate it with your RLT session to enhance the overall therapeutic experience.

                Ensure to follow guidelines while using the Professional LED light therapy machine, the frequency, intensity, duration, and distance from the skin, all play vital roles in the effective and safe usage. Also, make sure to regularly clean and maintain the device for longer and safer usage.

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