Chronic Pain Treatment with Red Light Therapy: A New Hope for Patients


Chronic Pain Treatment with Red Light Therapy: A New Hope for Patients



Chronic pain is a result of any severe accident, injury, or even surgery. There are hundreds of patients who have to suffer chronic pain in different cases.

It is a prevalent condition, and also due to lack of resources and timely help, patients have to suffer from chronic pain. Due to this reason, one solid solution to treat this problem for the patients is red light therapy.

Over the years, medical science was not aware of the results of RLT for treating chronic pain. However, today, experts believe that RLT can prove to be highly effective for curing chronic pain successfully.

Bontanny is going to dig deeper into this discussion and find out how RLT proves to be beneficial for chronic pain patients. Let’s get started!

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Definition and Basic Principles

Red light therapy uses specific wavelengths of red infrared light. These wavelengths penetrate the skin and target cellular bodies like mitochondria. Their influence on mitochondria enhances the energy production in the body.

Besides, several other metabolic processes are enhanced due to this therapy. As a result, we can treat different health concerns with RLT feasibly.

Cellular Mechanisms of Red Light Therapy

If we talk about the cellular level, then we will know that it mainly targets mitochondria and increases energy production. Basically, here, ATP production increases so that the cells of the body can perform more efficiently.

Another great benefit of red light therapy before and after is the reduction of oxidative stress and more production of nitric oxide, which leads to better production of cytokines in the body. All these alterations in the body are beneficial for improved tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and enhanced functions at the cellular level.

Advantages of Red Light Therapy

The prominent benefit of red light therapy is that its wavelengths are not invasive and harmful. Other therapies, like UV light therapy, use invasive and damageable wavelengths for the skin.

These can produce heat on the body, while RLT does not. Due to this reason, for treating major medical conditions, RLT is a better and safer option to go for. Despite the fact that these wavelengths penetrate the skin, still, they are not harmful to interact with. This penetration is crucial for treating orthopedic problems like arthritis.

Also, better neurological healing can take place with the help of RLT. For hundreds of experts and patients, RLT is an unbeatable process to undergo in this regard.

Clinical Evidence and Studies

Overview of Clinical Trials and Research

The role of clinical trials and research is major in establishing RLT as an effective method for reducing chronic pain.

Even in conditions like osteoarthritis and back pain, RLT proves to be useful. Extensive research and sequential clinical trials back RLT for being a reliable treatment for successful chronic pain control around the globe.

Success Stories and Case Studies

There are different patients who have shared their experiences with RLT in terms of reducing chronic pain. The patients were also able to notice a considerable difference between their conditions after undergoing RLT.

You will even find case studies showing how RLT was successful in relieving the chronic pain of patients and saving them from further suffering at the same time.

Comparison with Other Treatments

This treatment has no side effects, and if it has, then these are temporary. As compared to other treatments and surgeries that leave lifelong impressions on your body, RLT is reliable. Also, you don't have to struggle with keeping yourself from its side effects at all.

Covering your eyes, using skin-friendly ointments, and taking regular breaks between your sessions can prevent a lot of damage. On the other hand, dealing with the side effects of an invasive treatment like surgery is not only tough but creates a negative psychological impact as well.

Application and Procedure

Administration of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has multiple administration methods, which vary from one patient to the other. Some common equipment that is handy for giving RLT to patients are full body panels, handheld devices, and specialized monitors.

The wavelengths are targeted to the focused area of the body, which can also vary as per the patient’s condition. The light will cross the skin and reach out to mitochondria ultimately. Some patients might need multiple sessions of the treatment depending on their situation.

Devices and Technologies

We cannot ignore the role of devices and technologies for RLT. Full body chambers, monitors, LEDs, and more tools are crucial to perform RLT in a safe and successful way.

There is no doubt that technology has made giving RLT to patients much faster and easier. In this way, patients are able to experience great results after undergoing this treatment as well.

The Bontanny Moving Pro Series Red Light Therapy Device emits red and near-infrared light, which has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, relax muscles and joints, and increase blood circulation.

The device comes with a floor stand, making it easy to use and versatile. You can use it to target specific areas of the body experiencing chronic pain.

Duration, Frequency, and Intensity

Factors like intensity, frequency of the treatment, and its duration are variable. However, the recommended duration is 25-30 minutes, and the frequency is 3-5 days every week.

Now, some patients can easily cross this threshold if they are suffering from something quite intense. Sometimes, highly intense wavelengths are used to save the patient from suffering chronic pain. Some patients can get relief from normal wavelengths ranging from 600 nm to 800 nm in most cases.

LED Red Light Therapy Benefits for Chronic Pain

1. Reduction in Pain Intensity and Duration

Red light therapy, due to its less invasive and effective nature, is crucial for pain reduction. Also, for the intensity and inflammation caused by chronic pain, we can easily rely on RLT. Because of RLT, patients can be relieved quickly in a completely non damageable way in no time.

2. Improvement in Mobility and Function

RLT is highly effective for fast tissue repair and wound healing. Therefore, people suffering from chronic pain can easily rely on RLT for its magical healing properties. It is obvious that chronic pain can easily leave you impaired, and you can barely move. However, with RLT, patients can free up their limbs after RLT reduces their pain successfully.

3. Enhanced Quality of Life and Mental Well-Being

Chronic pain is not good for the mental health of patients and also disrupts their normal lifestyle. Due to this reason, one big advantage of RLT is that it not only treats you physically but also heals you mentally as well. Therefore, such patients can cater to the trauma faced by chronic patients successfully without any extra effort.

4. Reduced Reliance on Pain Medications

Some people don't like to rely on medications. They have their own reasons. Lack of access, reactions, allergies, and whatnot! Due to this reason, their recovery process slows down, and they keep suffering from chronic pain as well.

However, RLT saves you from all this because it will exclude medications and lessen your dependence on them. In this way, you don't have to struggle with this problem at all.

Potential Side Effects and Limitations

Overview of Potential Side Effects

LED light therapy is a completely safe method, and its side effects are also temporary. You can feel skin irritation, dry skin, eye strain, and a bit of headache after the treatment. These side effects are completely fixable, and there is nothing to worry about these mild side effects of RLT

Limitations in Treating Certain Types of Pain

It is important to know that RLT is not for pregnant women and people having any medical history that does not allow undergoing RLT. Also, photosensitive patients cannot use RLT because of their limitations. However, the results shown by RLT are different, and the time taken for these results also varies from person to person.

Recommendations for Patients Considering Red Light Therapy

It is crucial for the patients to cover their eyes and face. Keep a skin moisturizer with themselves if their skin feels irritated. Take a painkiller in case they are feeling headaches. Also, it will be better to rely on an expert’s opinion to avoid any complications. If you are considering RLT, then a personalized treatment plan is crucial to opt for so that you can ensure the desired results.


Over the years, RLT has been a reliable method that treats different health concerns feasibly for the patients. They don't get compromised and can see desired results successfully.

Bontanny Moving Pro Series Red Light Therapy Device with Stand is a great option for alleviating chronic pain. Its red and near-infrared light, cellular energy stimulation, versatile design, and high-quality build make it an effective and reliable device.

Order your Bontanny Moving Pro Series Red Light Therapy Device Stand today and experience the power of natural healing and rejuvenation.