Does Red Light Help With Bruising?

Does Red Light Help With Bruising?



Red light therapy at home is a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of LED Red Light Therapy (RLT).  With the use of LED panels and personal devices designed for at-home use, individuals can safely and comfortably treat various health issues, such as inflammation, pain, and tissue recovery.  Specific wavelengths, like 850 nm and 600 nm red light therapy, can also aid in the healing of bruises and skin trauma.  By incorporating red light therapy into their daily routine, individuals can take control of their health and well-being from the comfort of their own home.

Understanding Bruises

How is Bruisis From?

Bruises also refer to contusions. It occurs due to the damage of capillaries that an injury or pressure may cause to the body. The blood starts leaking from the broken capillary into tissues of the surrounding, which leads to visible discoloration on the surface of the skin. The bruise color changes with time because the body breaks and absorbs the clotted blood again.

The Body’s Natural Healing Process For Bruises

The treatment of bruises takes several steps to heal properly. In the beginning, the bruise may be seen as red because of the fresh blood trapped under the surface of the skin. When the blood starts degrading and absorbs the blood, it changes the color of the bruise into purplish blue or sometimes yellow-green. The immune system of a body plays a crucial role in the healing process of bruises. It helps in blood cell clearing from the near-surrounded tissues and broken vessels repair. The process of healing in nature may take a day, a week, or a month as the healing powers depend on one's health.

Red Light Therapy

Basic Principle Of Red Light Therapy

The device that is used in the treatment of Red infrared light therapy has certain levels of wavelength. When the light passes through the body, it hits the cells and penetrates the cellular energy. This increased energy improves cell regeneration, and the circulation of the blood, and the swelling is reduced as the skin returns to normal.

Historical And Current Applications In Medical Skincare

Infrared red light therapy first originated in space to treat wounds. Later, in the late 1900s, RLT was used to heal burns and wounds. As the technology of RLT advances with time, its application and usage in different fields also increase. Red light therapy shows effective results in treating pain and inflammation in the medical industry. Whereas, RLT is also used in the skincare industry to reduce aging signs and treat acne.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy And Bruising

How Red Light Therapy Works On Bruises?

Red light therapy device efficiently helps in treating bruises in several ways. First, RLT removes the blood that is trapped inside the skin by increasing blood circulation. Second, RLT decreases the inflammation, which acts as the main bruising symptom.   Last, RLT stimulates cellular energy, which speeds up the repair and regeneration of tissues and damages capillaries. This eventually leads to a reduction in the severity and longevity of the bruises.

Summary Of Scientific Studies Or Research Supporting This Use

The research on professional LED light therapy machine and its effect on bruising is under study. However, various other studies claim that RLT is beneficial for healing bruises. For instance, studies prove that RLT enhances the healing process of a skin wound, which means it can also heal the bruise with the same intensity. Another study shows that RLT reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation in the body, and both are essential elements in the recovery of bruising. It is essential to understand that further research is still needed to fully grasp the efficiency of RLT in treating bruises.

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Potential Benefits

1.Reduction of healing time:A very keen and potential advantage of Red Light Therapy in the treatment of scars and bruises is the major starting point of the healing process. The time for this therapy can be reduced as it normally takes by the repair of cells and by building up the circulation of blood.
2. Pain relief:Pain relief is also offered by Infrared red light therapy for bruising. The therapy has a great anti-inflammatory effect which affects the swelling, and discomfort and makes the healing easier and painless.

Comparison With Traditional Bruise Treatment Methods

(RICE) A traditional method abbreviated as rest, ice, compression, and elevation is used for the bruise treatment. These old customary treatments no doubt are effective but they mostly focus on the area of pain and swelling as tissue repairment gets neglected. In comparison to this, RLT might closely affect the mechanism of cell repair and a great proactive approach to healing. Finally, it is a very important step to consider the red light treatment a complementary treatment rather than a traditional method.

How To Use Red Light Therapy For Bruises?

1.Choosing the right equipment: For the use of the house, select a certain RLT device that effuses light at a certain required wavelength, which ranges from 630-680 nm for red light, and if you require infrared light then it's 800-880nm.   
2.Preparing the area: Make sure you have clean skin at the location of the bruise. You have to make sure the area is clean and away from any type of clothing or harm.   
3.Setting the device: Always follow what the manufacturers are instructing for the setting of the device. The setting of the device mostly refers to the timer and the intensity of the light arrangement.
4.Application: Make sure the light is near the skin, only a few inches away, and directly above the bruise. The bruise should be exposed to the bruise for only 5-20 minutes, keeping in mind the device and the condition of the bruise.
5.Frequency of Light: Use daily, but the setting of the light intensity should be based on the guidelines of the device and the comfort of the person.

Safety Precautions And Best Practices

1.Eye protection: The red light and its intensity can be harmful to the eyes so always be careful and keep your eyes covered and safe by protection.
2.Skin Sensitivity: Keep checking your skin for any reactions. Any reaction such as irritation occurs; you should reduce the time and frequency wavelength of the RLT.
3.Consultation with health professionals: When you start red light therapy, particularly for people who are going through certain health conditions or have medications that increase the sensitivity of their skin, you should always consult a Health Care professional before using it.
4.Avoid overuse: Always set a time for the exposure of skin to the RLT to prevent your skin from any damages
5.Hydration: Always stay hydrated and drink enough water to give your skin a great texture.

Limitations And Considerations

Variability In Results: People may experience different kinds of results after using Red Light Therapy. Some see positive results, while others face no effects at all.
Lack Of Standardization: Every device is made with different materials and methods which could cause different results.
Possible Side Effects: Though RLT does not have any side effects, sometimes it shows irritation and redness on the skin.

Who Should Avoid Red Light Therapy

1.Photosensitivity: People who are suffering from conditions like porphyria or lupus with photosensitivity must not use RLT.
2.Skin Conditions: Individuals who have a problem that may increase with exposure to light must avoid using LED light therapy.
3.Pregnancy: There is no evidence of direct harm to the child or the pregnant woman, but still it is better to not use RLT to stay safe.
4.Cancer: Those people who have cancer, particularly skin cancer, must ask their doctor before going into the RLT session. Because RLT may increase the growth of cancer cells in the body.


LED light therapy presents several promising ways to treat bruises. RLT effectively reduces inflammation and triggers cell repair, which eventually helps in healing the bruise. However, one must also know the variabilities and limitations of the result of this therapy.

Various studies and research show data in support of RLT, but further research is still needed to validate its safe usage. People who are considering using a professional LED light therapy machine for treating bruises must consult a physician first and discuss all the possibilities. Eventually, we can say that red light therapy is an effective addition to the traditional healing methods for bruises.

The Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device, with its red and near-infrared light, is designed to reduce pain, relax muscles and joints, and increase blood circulation. Additionally, red light therapy is known for its potential benefits in skin health and recovery, which could be advantageous in addressing bruising.