Does Red Light Therapy Help Sunburn?

 Does Red Light Therapy Help Sunburn?


Red Light Therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive skin treatment. Due to its non-invasive properties, it became useful and safe in treating various skin problems. It significantly helps in reducing pain, and inflammation, treating acne, and rejuvenating skin health.

Sunburn is the most common and underrated skin issue that millions of people face globally. Sunburn is caused by skin's longer exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunburn leads to various other skin problems like irritation, skin redness, and sometimes blisters.

This article by Bontanny will show you the potential benefits of infrared light therapy and how it effectively treats sunburns.

Understanding Sunburn

Causes Of Sunburn

Sunburn is caused due to the longer exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet radiations from the sun. Some devices like tanning beds also lead to sunburns. UVA and UVB are two different types of ultraviolet radiation. The UVB rays have shorter wavelengths so they easily penetrate through the body and damage the cells which leads to sunburn.

Symptoms And Risks Associated With Sunburn

Sunburn shows different types of symptoms based on the type of skin and UV exposure duration. Sunburn causes various other problems like pain, fatigue, fever, cold, redness, and irritation of the skin. Frequent sunburn on the same area of the skin especially at a young age significantly enhances the chances of developing cancer, which also turns into melanoma later. It also leads to premature development of the skin and skin damage like wrinkles, skin spots, and pigmentation.

Conventional Treatment For Sunburn

There are various types of treatments that help in treating sunburn and improve the health of the skin. Some common sunburn treatments include:
1.Cool Compresses:Using a cloth damp in cold water on the sunburned area significantly helps in alleviating heat and pain.
2.Hydration: Sunburn typically draws the liquid from the body and makes it dry. Therefore, drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated and maintains its fluid.
3.Moisturizing Creams: Moisturizers that contain soothing ingredients like soy and aloe vera relieve the sunburned skin. Some moisturizers and serums are specially formulated to treat sunburn and contain compounds that decrease inflammation.
4.Pain Relief: General pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen reduce inflammation and pain.
5.Avoidance Of Further Sun Exposure: It is much better to avoid further exposure to UV radiation, it protects the skin from getting more burns and heals the skin faster.

Every person has a different type of skin so the result of these treatments and therapies may vary depending on the skin type and sunburn severity. Seek immediate help from a specialist in case of severe sunburns.

Overview Of Red Light Therapy

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy or RLT refers to a laser therapy that uses low-level red light to treat various types of skin problems. The therapy uses low-level red light wavelengths that penetrate through the skin and give therapeutic effects. Most common wavelengths are 850 nm red light therapy and 600 nm red light therapy.

Working Principle

The exact working method of RLT still needs to be researched, but it works by targeting directly the main power source of the cell, mitochondria. The cytochrome-c-oxidase is a mitochondrial enzyme, which absorbs the photons of the red light. This enhances the energy production and cell replacement process. RLT also enhances blood circulation and reduces inflammation, which improves the healing process.

Common Uses Of RLT

Infrared light therapy offers a variety of benefits and is used in various fields. Most commonly RLT is used in the healthcare and skincare industry.
1.It eliminates the aging effects from the skin like wrinkles and fine lines, which rejuvenates the whole skin.
2.RLT significantly reduces the wound-healing process.
3.It also alleviates acute and chronic pains in situations like arthritis.
4.LED light therapyhelps in reducing the inflammation that occurs due to psoriasis.
5.RLT reduces muscle fatigue and helps in recovery after severe exercise.

Red Light Therapy For Sunburn

How RLT Might Benefit Sunburn?

Red light therapy significantly decreases inflammation and increases the regeneration of cells which helps in treating sunburn. The therapy also gives your skin a soothing effect and speeds up the healing function of burned skin cells.

Scientific Evidence And Studies

Studies on the effectiveness of Red light therapy for treating sunburn are ongoing. Some research shows positive results in treating inflammation and healing skin, which proves that it is safe for sunburn recovery. However, more research and evidence are needed to clearly say that LED light therapy is effective for treating sunburn.

Comparison With Traditional Sunburn Treatments

Traditional sunburn therapies only emphasize giving relief from symptoms, but red light therapy provides a restorative benefit. It not only soothes the skin but helps in regenerating the burned skin cells. This implies that RLT is not an alternative to traditional sunburn protection methods, instead, it serves as a complete treatment. A person must choose a sunburn treatment from old methods to RLT based on skin type and sunburn severity.

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy Beyond Sunburn

Skin Rejuvenation And Healing

RLT is widely known for reducing aging effects. It enhances the skin texture and complexion, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and improves skin elasticity. The LED Red Light Therapy stimulates the cell regeneration, reduces inflammation, and enhances the healing process. All of these benefits are efficient in treating wounds, scars, and acne.

Pain Relief And Inflammation Reduction

Red light therapy significantly helps in reducing acute and chronic pain. It decreases inflammation in the body, which helps in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Enhanced Circulation And Collagen Production

LED Red Light Therapy improves blood circulation in the body, which helps in regenerating and repairing damaged muscles and tissues. Moreover, better blood circulation also assists in skin detoxification. RLT also enhances the growth of collagen, which is an essential component in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The production of collagen also treats aging effects like wrinkles and improves skin health.

How To Use Red Light Therapy For Sunburn?

Recommended Duration And Frequency

When you are going to have a red light therapy machine for curing sunburn, try to make the session shorter, like 10-20 minutes. The frequency may vary depending on the skin type and sunburn condition. Experts suggest taking fewer sessions per week in the beginning. Then increase the session number gradually according to the therapy result. Moreover, consult a dermatologist as it will help you understand your condition better.

Safety Precautions And Guidelines

RLT is one of the safest treatments. But still, it is essential to follow some guidelines for preventing unwanted events.
Follow the guidelines of the RLT device before using it.
1.Protect the eyes from the direct light with the help of eyeglasses.
2.Seek professional help from skincare experts or dermatologists and ask their opinion before going through any skin treatment for sunburn. It helps you in selecting the right therapy.

Tips For Maximizing Effectiveness

There are various ways that help in maximizing the effect of Red Light Therapy for sunburn. Some of the common tips include:
1.Clean the sunburned area thoroughly and avoid using any kind of product as it may block the red light.
2.Make a treatment schedule and follow it consistently.
3.Incorporate a red light therapy devicewith other methods of sunburn care like hydrating serums and creams.
4.Keep a full record of therapy's results on the skin and make adjustments in the treatment accordingly.

Potential Limitations And Side Effects Of Red Light Therapy

Limitations Of RLT For Sunburn Treatment

Red Light Therapy is an effective treatment for sunburn but it also has some limitations. Most importantly, there is no proper research and studies that confirm the potential benefits of using RLT for curing sunburns. People have different types of skin, and they face different levels of skin burns, so their results may vary from each other. Also, people do not see RLT as the only effective treatment for sunburn, but as a complementary method to traditional sunburn care therapies.

Possible Side Effects And Considerations

There is a slight and rare chance of a professional LED light therapy machine showing side effects in treating sunburns. Usually, RLT causes irritation and redness to the skin. It also damages the eye if they are not properly covered during the treatment. Inappropriate and overuse of RLT also leads to potential side effects of skin damage. Moreover, people with photosensitive issues and pregnant women are exceptions, because the effects of red light therapy are not studied properly so it may cause risks to them.

The Importance Of Professional Guidance

Consultation with a professional healthcare provider or skin care specialist is essential for people who are thinking of undergoing RLT to treat sunburn. The expert dermatologist analyzes your skin type, and the severity of the sunburns, evaluates your skin history, and suggests whether the RLT is a beneficial option for you or not. Moreover, they also tell you the recommended frequency, intensity, and duration of RLT sessions you need.


Professional LED light therapy machines effectively treat various types of skin problems. It significantly helps in reducing pain and inflammation. However, research is still needed to clearly say the effectiveness of RLT in treating sunburns. People who are thinking of having RLT for treating their sunburn must consult with a professional doctor and ask for their advice. Moreover, while having RLT for sunburns, it's best to incorporate other traditional curing methods too, as they will enhance the healing process and recover skin faster.

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