How Much Does a Red Light Therapy Machine Cost?

How Much Does a Red Light Therapy Machine Cost?


Many skin care products have been introduced into the market, but some lack research. At the same time, red infrared light therapy is a safe process that has gained popularity in recent years due to its proven track record. It makes the skin healthy, relieves the pain, stabilizes the mood, and much more. Therefore, many people are interested in experiencing its potential. So, understanding the cost of red light therapy and functionality of each infrared red light therapy device is very important as it will affect your decision and, ultimately, your skin health.

Types of Red Light Therapy Machines

Handheld Devices

Handheld red light therapy devices are easy to use and portable. Their simple and compact design allows them to be easily gripped in hands. This design makes them ideal for covering specific parts of the body quickly. However, covering the larger part of your body with handheld devices will take a lot of time.

Panel Devices

Panel devices are not portable like handheld devices and are not compact in design. They are specific to cover a larger part of the house. Therefore, their installation is done on walls or stand-alone. The panels then work on larger areas of the body and show satisfactory results of red infrared light therapy.

Full-Body Devices

Full-body infrared red light therapy devices are more compact in design and are specific to work on every single area of the body in one go. They are usually installed in clinics and more professional areas because of their high cost and usage. They are large in size, work with higher intensity, and need proper guidance to operate.

Professional Grade Machines

A professional-grade red light therapy device is specific to commercial purposes. However, it is being used in many clinical areas, such as wellness centers, parlors and spas, and medical areas. They are tough to use, and users will need full guidance to operate them. Compared to other RLT devices, professional-grade are very costly and have many advanced features, which makes them perfect for professional use instead of home or handheld devices.

Cost Breakdown By Device Type

Handheld Devices

Bontanny offers the Handheld red light therapy device in the price range of $100-$300. Handheld devices are ideal for covering small areas of the body quickly, as they are portable and compact. You can carry a handheld device along with you for steady and immediate skin treatment. The device Bontanny offers is perfect for treating skin issues and relieving pain.

The price of Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device with Pulsed Function is $179.99.

Panel Devices

Bontanny offers the Panel professional LED light therapy machine in the price range of $500-$1200. Panel devices have pre-installed LED lights and are ideal for covering large body parts. Sometimes, they cover the full-body treatment or work on specific but extensive body parts. The panel device that Bontanny offers is ideal for people looking for extensive body skin treatment at home.

The price of Bontanny Table Stand Series Red Light is $99.99.

Full-Body Devices

Bontanny offers the Full-Body professional LED light therapy machine in the price range of $1500-$3500. Full-body infrared red light devices offered by the Bontanny have complicated designs and are specific to cover large body parts. They have customization features and other advanced options, which makes them ideal for home usage.The full-body device that Bontanny offers provides the overall wellness treatment for health and skin.

The price of Bontanny Moving Pro Series is $1,499.99/

Professional-Grade Devices

Bontanny offers a professional-grade red light therapy device for $1500-$10000. Professional grade red light therapy device is for commercial purposes to meet the customer requirements. Spas and wellness centers are usually the places that get it installed for treating their clients. The device offered by the Bontanny is of high quality and is perfect for high-end skin treatment.  

The price of Bontanny Moving Pro Series Professional Red Light Therapy Device with Stand is $1,699.99.

Factors Influencing Cost Of Red Light Therapy

Size and Coverage Area

The cost of the infrared red light therapy machine depends on its usage and size. If you opt for large machines like full-body, you will need a larger area to install it along with the material. Therefore, it will be costly for you. However, if you opt for the handheld or panel devices, they are compact and portable, so they will require less space and won’t cost you enough.

Wavelength and Power

The price of the LED light therapy device also depends on the wavelength and lighting range. There can be 850 nm red light therapy or 600 nm red light therapy. It will affect the power outcome of the device; the larger the wavelength range will be, the higher the device cost will be. The device penetrates deeply and provides intense treatment if it gives a higher power output. Ultimately, the price will get double that of that device.

Brand and Quality

The cost factor of the infrared light therapy device also depends on the brand and manufacturing company. Reputable manufacturers with history and authentic customers charge double as compared to the startups. They have gained the trust of consumers and hence can charge more than others. People are assured that buying from a reputable brand will give them durable and safe products.

Additional Features

If the LED light therapy device comes with customization and other effects that normal devices don’t have, it will also affect the pricing of the device. Many devices have pre-installed LED lights, cooling systems, timers, and much more, which makes them more costly than others. Such facilities increase the effectiveness of treatment while easing the user to experience top-notch treatment, so the higher price will justify the device and make it a convenient option.

Bontanny’s Red Light Therapy Products

Overview of Bontanny’s Offerings and Their Features

Handheld Devices: Bontanny has many handheld devices that are compact and portable. You can carry them anywhere for effective use, and they don’t require much space. These devices are ideal for small areas and target skin health and pain specifically.

Panel Devices: Bontanny also offers panel devices that have pre-installed LED lights that are ideal for mid-length or larger body areas. They can be installed on the wall and have a portable structure to stand.

Full-Body Devices: Bontanny has advanced full-body devices that are ideal for treating the whole body in one go. They are extensive but more complex than handheld and panel devices. Users can customize their experience with full-body devices to get the most out of the treatment.

Professional Grade Devices: Bontanny has a variety of LED red light therapy devices, but professional grade devices are the top-selling. They have a higher wavelength range, are good for commercial purposes, and can cover the whole body in one go. They are steady, fast, and best for efficient skin treatment.

Unique Selling Points of Bontanny Products

Bontanny offers high-end treatment to customers. Therefore, it has installed advanced technologies in the devices so the users will have proven results of red light treatment.

Meeting customer requirements is the top priority; therefore, all Bontanny products are made with premium materials. They give proven results and have durability and functionality.

Being a reputable company, we make sure that everyone affords our products. Therefore, we made the products available at affordable prices, which no other brand can offer. We make the LED red light treatment easy and accessible for all with the latest technology, affordable prices, and durable materials.

Making an Informed Purchase

Tips for Selecting the Right Red Light Therapy Machine

Before getting the red light therapy machine, analyze your needs and conditions. Once you know your issue, it will be easy for you to decide whether to go for a handheld, panel, or full-body device.

Make sure the treatment isn’t expensive. If you are assured of long-term results, you can get high-quality treatment. It might cost you a bit more than usual, but you won’t regret your investment.

Before getting a product, ensure you have read its usage reviews and results. Also, find whether they have any advanced features or ease for users so that you can invest in the treatment. The results of the treatment highly depend on the device's effectiveness and reliability.  

Why Choose Bontanny for Your Red Light Therapy Needs?

Bontanny offers a variety of products that fit the needs of its customers. They aim to provide gadgets and devices that are durable and of high quality. The company's research and development team is committed to making innovative products and showcasing the proven results of LED red light therapy. All Bontanny products are made with premium quality materials and offer proven results. The price range is also quite affordable, which makes it people's first choice. Therefore, opting for Bontanny's products will make your decision worthwhile and let you trust the company for future decisions.


The price range of the red light therapy devices varies depending on the size and usage of the treatment. The higher the wavelength of professional LED light therapy machines, the higher the output and pricing factor.

However, reputable companies are charging more than others because of their durability and advanced material used in product manufacturing. Therefore, before making any decision about your device, understand your needs for treatment and then go for the device. You can have Bontanny’s handhelds, full-body, panel, and professional-grade treatments based on your needs.

Bontanny offers a variety of products; therefore, head to our website and check the products that fit your needs. We offer personalized consultations and advice so that you will make informed decisions. Make your decision right by investing in Bontanny’s products. Hit the subscribe button to receive our tips and tricks, and consider signing up for our newsletter for the latest updates.