Is Red Light Therapy Safe While Breastfeeding?

Is Red Light Therapy Safe While Breastfeeding?



Red Light Therapy is a promising clinical treatment in the dermatology sector. We use non-invasive wavelengths of red and near-infrared light that penetrate the skin. RLT is a stimulative treatment, and it triggers different cellular bodies. Mitochondria trap these wavelengths, increasing energy production in the form of ATP. Our body and skin use this energy to enhance healing and repair.

However, the success of red light therapy during pregnancy or after pregnancy depends on the condition of the person. Is red light therapy safe while breastfeeding? There are many mothers whose skin can be compromised due to pregnancy.

RLT can be a great asset for such skin damage. But it is essential to know whether you can use RLT while breastfeeding or not!

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Common Uses of RLT

Red Light Therapy can treat multiple skin issues. It improves skin texture and enhances collagen levels. When the skin produces sufficient collagen, it reduces wrinkles, which is crucial for older adults and pregnant women. Red light therapy device shows excellent results for skin repair and subsiding inflammation. In extreme cases of body inflammation, we see conditions like arthritis and muscle soreness. We can also treat significantly damaged tissues and fasten the skin’s natural healing process after a traumatic injury.

The Science Behind RLT

RLT works on the phenomenon of photobiomodulation. We use harmless wavelengths such as 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy so that they can cross the skin barrier. Mitochondria trap these wavelengths and stimulate them. When this happens, mitochondria increase energy production, and ATP levels increase. The skin and body utilize this energy for the organic healing process and reducing inflammation. The red infrared deeply pushes the wavelengths into the cellular domain to initiate these processes that positively impact a person’s skin and its texture.

RLT and Breastfeeding Safety

Overview of Concerns Related to RLT During Breastfeeding

Red Light Therapy is harmless and has shown satisfactory results for skin patients. However, we don’t have sufficient research showing its influence on lactation. Due to this reason, it is essential to play safe when it comes to RLT while you are breastfeeding. If you have no treatment information, it is better to consult a professional for the best advice.

Insights from Research and Experts on the Safety of RLT for Breastfeeding Mothers and Infants

As we know, RLT is a safe treatment for everybody. However, when we talk about mothers, we should be more careful. Experts emphasize that RLT works with no harmful waves. Due to this reason, it is safe for mothers and their babies. The problem occurs when medical science needs more satisfactory information and research on the RLT-breastfeeding relationship. Other than this, experts recommend getting RLT under professional supervision. After discussing everything with the experts, it is better to proceed with the process. There is still a margin-left to identify the influence of red light therapy machine on lactation. Therefore, sticking with authentic and credible information will be beneficial.

Discussion on the Lack of Direct Impact of RLT on Breast Milk Composition and the Importance of Further Research

RLT has no role in changing the biochemical composition of breast milk. Experts believe that RLT uses no substances or agents that can result in such a considerable alteration. However, there needs to be more evidence that provides satisfaction in this regard. For this reason, experts suggest following professional guidance at every step of the process. Further research is mandatory to establish the positive influence and health benefits of RLT for breastfeeding mothers.

Red Light Therapy Benefits For Breastfeeding Mothers

Generally speaking, RLT has multiple benefits for breastfeeding mothers. These health benefits are crucial during the breastfeeding phase. LED light therapy empowers them to enjoy this phase of their lives with less struggle and trouble.

Potential Benefits of RLT for Postpartum Recovery

  • 1. Enhancement of Skin Health: The skin is the biggest organ of our body. When mothers go through postpartum, their skin gets heavily compromised. This has a bad psychological influence on them, and they might start to hate themselves. However, LED red light can quickly treat this. Through RLT, skin regains its natural texture and tone during postpartum.
  • 2. Mood Enhancement: Postpartum depression is a common problem among new mothers. It can lead to severe circumstances as well. Therefore, mothers need to have a rock in hard times to deal with depression. RLT is a great mood uplifter. It enhances the levels of happy hormones in the body that reduce stress and depression for mothers.

RLT is not a surgical method, so it is highly convenient for mothers. It is entirely noninvasive, so we consider it safe for new mothers. Other than this, harmful substances are not involved in the therapy.

  • 1. Ease of Use: Experts suggest getting RLT at home if breastfeeding. We can use different portable RLT devices for at-home RLT sessions. It means you can feed your baby and get the RLT at ease in your home. You don’t have to go to the clinics to follow your sessions. However, it also takes expert supervision to get satisfactory results.
  • 2. Safety and Comfort: Breastfeeding mothers can easily relax at home and complete their RLT. Under professional supervision, they can make the most of RLT at home. It provides them with convenience and ease that guarantees safety and comfort. They are not alone during the sessions and can always call for help if they feel peculiar or uneasy.

Precautions and Considerations for Red Light Therapy in Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers are vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, we must be extra vigilant for their RLT. Well, it does not mean that LED light therapy is unsafe for them. It is a harmless treatment. However, the following tips indicate some proven tips for mothers to enhance the success rate of RLT safely and soundly.

Importance of Consulting Healthcare Professionals

  • 1. Professional Guidance: Always heed professional guidance. It helps with all the steps of the process. RLT experts provide personalized advice during treatment so that patients can procure all the treatment advice in less time. Therefore, collaborating with a professional RLT expert will be highly beneficial.
  • 2. Assessment of Health Status: red light therapy deviceexperts can also help with health status and its monitoring. Mothers cannot do it on their own. They can use expert insights to enhance the success rate and results of RLT post-treatment. Tracking health status is crucial since it gives more margin to improve patients' results as they want.

Approaching RLT with Caution and Individual Assessment

  • 1. Personalized Treatment Plans: Every mother is different. Their bodies will react differently to professional LED light therapy machine This means they need customized advice and RLT planning from their experts. This is important to consider. So, choose an expert who provides personalized treatment plans to their patients.
  • 2. Monitoring Responses: Experts will monitor the responses in all circumstances. However, mothers also need to monitor and keep checking themselves. This is crucial after the first two to three weeks of LED light therapy. It is better to consult your expert in time if you feel anything peculiar.

Recommended Precautions During RLT Sessions

  • 1. Protective Measures: Before getting RLT, cover your eyes and face with a soft cloth or a mask. Maintain sufficient distance between the RLT devices and yourself to reduce redness and tingling.
  • 2. Limiting Exposure: The best thing to do is to discuss sufficient skin exposure to the RLT devices with your expert. They will help you with the suitable light exposure for yourself. Stick to it and follow their lead to experience desired results. 
  • 3. Consideration of Timing: Breastfeeding mothers might have to get RLT of different durations. Experts are highly well-versed in this fact. Therefore, they provide every mother with personalized advice. You must discuss the duration and timing of infrared light therapywith your expert to avoid any trouble.

    Alternative Treatments and Remedies for Postpartum Issues

    For dealing with postpartum depression, it is crucial to consider other remedies than RLT. There is no doubt that RLT has the potential to be highly effective for such mothers. However, below, we discuss simple and effective remedies for treating postpartum problems:

    Overview of Alternative Treatments

    • 1. Physical Therapy: Mild exercises at home are effective for postpartum. Exercising releases happy hormones in the body. It subsides the postpartum depression, and mothers get a new hope to fight with this phase happily and easily.
    • 2. Herbal Remedies: Organic herbs are crucial for treating postpartum depression. These remedies are beneficial for organically treating postpartum depression and empowering mothers to regain positivity in their lives.
    • 3. Acupuncture: It is a great technique when it comes to treating postpartum depression. We use acupuncture on different body parts to release stress and relax muscles.

    Emphasis on Natural and Non-Invasive Options

    • 1. Massage Therapy: Postpartum massage is good for normalizing blood circulation. It relaxes the strained and compromised muscles and increases postpartum recovery.
    • 2. Hydrotherapy: We recommend taking warm baths for hydrotherapy. Luke's warm water relaxes the body, and it is also beneficial for mothers' compromised muscles.

    The Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device is a safe and effective option for red light therapy during breastfeeding. The device is FDA Class II registered, indicating its safety and effectiveness, and can help reduce pain, relax muscles and joints, and increase blood circulation.

    It is important to note that while red light therapy is generally considered safe during breastfeeding, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment.


    Red Light Therapy is an exceptional clinical treatment to offer breastfeeding mothers. It is beneficial for treating skin issues after birth and dealing with postpartum depression. However, it is crucial to use expert supervision to get the desired results.

    You can also use red light therapy while pregnancy after recommendation from specialists or Breastfeeding mothers can benefit significantly from infrared light therapy. However, further research on the concept is still ongoing. With time and more progress in dermatology, we will see satisfactory explanations of using professional LED light therapy machine to treat skin issues and reduce inflammation.

    FAQs: Red Light Therapy and Breastfeeding

    How often can I undergo RLT sessions while breastfeeding?

    It is hard to mention an exact figure. However, getting RLT two to three times for four to five weeks is beneficial. The duration and frequency can vary depending on the patient’s condition.

    Are there any potential side effects of RLT for breastfeeding mothers?

    There are no extreme or permanent side effects of LED red light. We can treat them quickly, and side effects go away after 2-3 hours post-treatment.

    What is the difference between RLT and other forms of light therapy?

    RLT is noninvasive and harmless. For this reason, we use it even on vulnerable and sensitive patients under expert supervision. We don’t compare it with UV light therapy, which uses dangerous UV rays that compromise skin and body significantly.