When Is the Best Time to Do Red Light Therapy?

When Is the Best Time to Do Red Light Therapy?



Red light therapy has emerged as an excellent and reliable clinical treatment to help cure different skin issues. It positively influences the body, so we can easily rely on it to speed up skin healing and tissue repair when needed. Plus, this is non-invasive, and this treatment never compromises your skin. A critical factor in receiving RLT is the timing.

You must know when it is best to do red light therapy. Well, you should consider red infrared not only when struggling with skin and hair problems. It is crucial to understand some factors to identify the right time for RLT.

To help with this, we have compiled this guide to provide you with the necessary insights about when to use RLT device and 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy.

Factors Influencing the Best Time for Red Light Therapy

The first thing that matters in getting RLT is the condition's intensity. Sometimes, you don't have to undergo RLT during the early stages. With average measures, you can remove temporary inflammation and skin dryness. However, if you are struggling with psoriasis, chronic inflammation, skin burns, and other extreme skin problems, you can always benefit from red light therapy.

Also, the sessions and duration of RLT are crucial to consider. For this, your expert would guide you regarding the suitable duration of the sessions. Other than this, the timing of RLT can also depend on the post-treatment recovery. Remember that every patient needs a different time frame when it comes to red infrared. Therefore, the best approach is to stick with professional guidance and opt for clinical supervision to determine your best timing. One thing that can significantly influence the infrared red light is consistent sessions. Without regular sessions, the entire timeframe of the treatment might be altered. Also, regular sessions are crucial for the long-term effects of the treatment. Otherwise, procuring all the benefits from the therapy would take a lot of work.

Optimal Times for Different Goals

Morning Sessions

You can choose to include RLT in your morning skincare. These morning sessions are a fresh start to the day. If you often struggle with puffiness under your eyes, RLT can help you to a great extent. You can do a quick RLT session at home and keep doing it for a few weeks to generate positive results. RLT in the morning can be a good kickstart for a fresher and positive feel. You can also develop more focus and significantly boost your skin. It will empower your skin to tackle different external damages throughout the day.

Evening Sessions

You can also do infrared red light in the evening or before going to sleep. The best part about RLT in the evening is that it provides relaxation. It is because taking RLT before sleep relaxes your mind, body, and skin muscles. So that you can get a good night’s sleep, people struggling with insomnia can also use infrared light therapy to fix their sleeping schedules. Evening is one of the best times to consider Red Light Therapy at home since it makes all the stress and exhaustion from the day go away. You can relax and entirely focus on your sleep, which would positively impact your health.  

Pre and Post Workout

Red light therapy sessions for pre and post-workouts are also beneficial. The reason is that if you take RLT before your workout, it will strengthen your muscles. You can easily use stronger muscles for a hefty and productive workout. RLT promotes better blood circulation, which is beneficial for regular workouts. Other than this, RLT, after a workout, promotes faster muscle repair. One of the significant benefits of RLT is that it is a reliable asset for speedier tissue repair and healing. Therefore, all the tissues and muscles that get compromised during a workout can benefit from infrared light therapy in the long run. You don't have to use different remedies to speed up post-workout healing. Using a good-quality RLT device can help you immensely in this regard.

Integrating Red Light Therapy into Your Daily Routine

If you have a tight schedule but still want to include RLT in your routine life, then below are some useful tips to consider.

  1. 1. Schedule Consistent Sessions: You can divide your RLT sessions throughout your day. Decide when you can get yourself a 15-minute LED light therapysession during your chores.
  2. 2. Pair with Existing Rituals: You don't have to isolate separate timings for RLT. Instead, you can combine the treatment with your regular skincare routine. For example, you can use a quick red light therapy devicesession before applying your skincare products.
  3. 3. Combine Activities: You can also meditate or listen to music while receiving RLT. This will save you time, and such activities will also amplify the impact of LED light therapyfor you.

Examples of daily routines where red light therapy can fit include:

  • 1. Morning Ritual: Shower and then use the RLT device wherever you want. Then, use your regular skincare routine after getting RLT since applying skincare products before RLT can interrupt the normal functioning of the RLT devices.
  • 2. Evening Routine: First, wash and dry your face gently before getting RLT. This will help you unwind and fully relax. Using RLT sessions in your evening routine would help you fix your sleeping pattern.

Special Considerations for Skin Treatment

There is no doubt that LED red light is a reliable asset to include in your routine skincare regime. However, you can enhance its impact with the following additional tips:

  1. 1. Prepare Your Skin: Wash your face with your regular cleanser and pat it dry. Ensure your skin is free of residue, dirt, and debris. Also, before you get your daily RLT, the skin should have no sebum.
  2. 2. Choose the Right Time: Set a suitable time for yourself to get RLT. You must stick with this time if you want to be consistent with your RLT sessions. You can also choose from the abovementioned optimal times for getting RLT regularly.
  3. 3. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: When using RLT devices, carefully read the user’s manual and manufacturer’s guidelines. These measures will help you make the most of RLT devices and use them correctly during your sessions.
  4. 4. Complementary Skincare Products: You can always combine your regular skincare products with RLT sessions. However, make sure no product is on your skin before getting RLT. Otherwise, it will interfere with the workings of the RLT devices.

Expert Recommendations

Below, you will find expert recommendations to take your red light therapy machine game to the next level and make it more effective for yourself.

  1. 1. Morning Therapy: It is always beneficial to use RLT in the morning since it offers you physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Also, when you need a quick energy boost in the morning, you can always use a quick LED red light session and give your day a fresh start.
  2. 2. Evening Therapy: People struggling with poor sleeping schedules can benefit from evening RLT sessions. These sessions are a great time for completely relaxing your mind and body. This fills your mind with positive thoughts and helps you sleep better and properly.
  3. 3. Skin Health Tips: You can always use suitable skincare products with your RLT sessions. You should also consult a reliable dermatologist for other skin health tips to improve the overall impact of the professional LED light therapy machine.

Addressing Common Questions

Can Red Light Therapy Disrupt Sleep?

No, RLT is not harmful to your sleep; rather, it helps improve sleep. You can easily fix your sleeping pattern by getting RLT for 15-20 minutes before going to bed.

Is Red Light Therapy Better Before or After Meals?

You can always get RLT after an hour of having your meals. However, this always influences the working of RLT. You can find out the best time to get RLT without any complications.


If you cannot go to a clinic for any reason, you can use RLT sessions at home. However, it is better to look for credible information on the internet regarding using RLT devices properly. You can also contact the manufacturer if you need help using a particular RLT device. Also, read the user’s manual properly before using a RLT device. It will make the experience safe and secure in the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Use Red Light Therapy?

In general, it is beneficial to use 20-minute sessions three to four days per week. You can increase or decrease the frequency and duration of these sessions according to your requirements and preferences.

How Long Should Each Session Last?

Normally, your RLT sessions should be 15-20 minutes long so that you can easily reap all the benefits of the treatment.

Can I Use Red Light Therapy if I'm Pregnant?

Professional LED light therapy machine is a safe treatment, but if you are pregnant and want to use RLT, then it is essential to consult your professional and then opt for RLT during pregnancy.

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Everyone?

The majority of people benefit from RLT. However, there might be some cases where RLT does not work according to expectations. For this, expert supervision and guidance are needed.