Can I Use My Phone During Red Light Therapy?

Can I Use My Phone During Red Light Therapy?


RLT has emerged as an excellent clinical treatment for patients with chronic skin conditions. However, patients have different opinions regarding this treatment. Many people need to know whether they can use their mobile phones during RLT sessions. Bontanny will give you an insightful discussion regarding this concept and determine how you can opt for the best approach during your forthcoming red infrared sessions.

Using Phones During Therapy Sessions

Distraction from Relaxation

One of the main goals of this treatment is to provide you with the utmost relaxation. For this reason, you often feel your mood improving during your infrared red light sessions. You should avoid using phones during your sessions and maximize RLT. Phones can be distractive, and you might fail to receive the complete red light therapy benefits. The best you can do is switch off your phone and indulge in the treatment throughout your sessions.

Light Interference

Our phones emit light, which is not beneficial for the wavelengths used in infrared red light. There can be 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy. This light can disrupt their functioning. For this reason, there is a higher chance that the light from your phone can interfere with the wavelengths. This holds these wavelengths back from seamless penetration into the skin. When this happens, you cannot reap the complete benefits of infrared light therapy sessions. Therefore, using a mobile phone is a major NO for RLT sessions.

Benefits of a Distraction-Free Session

Importance of Relaxation and Focus

Red light therapy uses wavelengths to heal the skin and relax the patients. When we undergo RLT, we relax our bodies. The stimulation of mitochondria through RLT enhances this relaxation, and therefore, it also creates a positive impact on our mood. Other than this, LED light therapy also increases the focus of the patients, and it is advisable to avoid distractions like mobile phones during your sessions.

Maximizing Absorption: Your body must be relaxed so that the wavelengths coming from RLT devices can seamlessly enter your skin. When the skin muscles are stiffened, these wavelengths might not reach the cellular region. This hampers the appropriate stimulation of the cellular bodies, resulting in poor RLT for the patients. Your mind and body must be aligned to aid in the emission of wavelengths into the skin.

Enhancing Treatment Benefits: Relaxing during your RLT sessions increases the chances of gaining more benefits from the procedure. For this reason, the best you can do is to be completely relaxed and focus on the session. If you want the desired results, you must be psychologically and physically fully involved in the RLT procedure.

Psychological Benefits of Unplugging

There is no doubt that your mind is also involved in the LED light therapy. Due to this reason, only a relaxed mind can help you receive all the benefits of this procedure. Below, we state some significant psychological benefits of the procedure:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Patients can have the best times while undergoing RLT. The procedure provides utmost relaxation that reduces anxiety and stress. We can use RLT to help patients with depression along with treating their skin conditions.

Improved Mental Clarity and Mood: People with less mental clarity and mood problems can benefit a lot from RLT. It positively influences the mind, enhancing the mood of the patients. Other than this, it provides more clarity to the patients, who can also feel the difference post-RLT sessions. Therefore, if you need more clarity of mind, RLT can be an excellent asset in the long run.

Enhancement of Mindfulness Skills: LED red light makes you mentally well-balanced and robust. It also has a positive impact on your cognitive abilities. Therefore, people can significantly enhance their mental skills with the help of RLT. For this reason, the best thing to do is to rely on RLT and make your mind healthier to avoid different mental issues.

Practical Tips for Using Your Phone During Red Light Therapy

Some practical tips for avoiding your mobile phone during your RLT sessions:

Keep the Phone Away from the Light Source

Your mobile phone must be switched off or kept from the light source. The light emitting from the mobile phone can interfere with the wavelengths coming from the RLT devices. This can alter the RLT results for you post-sessions, which could be a better sign.

Adjust Phone Settings

Ensure that your mobile phone's screen brightness is low so that it won't distract you and doesn't interfere with the RLT wavelengths during the sessions. You can do this throughout your LED red light sessions.

Night mode will reduce the blue light your mobile phone emits. It can also reduce distractions, enhancing the impact of every RLT session.

To avoid notifications during your sessions, ensure you have put them on silent. It will allow you to focus more on the procedure to increase your body's relaxation and positive mood.

Alternative Activities During Red Light Therapy

You can enhance the impact of RLT by combining different activities with your sessions. Below, we recommend some easy and viable options!


Try opting for meditation. It will make you mentally strong and enhance your ability to focus. It can also positively impact the RLT sessions, and you can quickly heal and recover from a specific skin problem. Due to this reason, many RLT experts recommend using meditation during the red light therapy device sessions of patients.

Listening to Music

Music creates a positive impact on the mind. It also helps you focus more than before. It is an excellent sign for your RLT sessions since music can prepare you to procure all the benefits from RLT during your settings. Therefore, listening to your favorite music before and after your RLT sessions is best to make your mind focus more and relax your body simultaneously.

Resting and Reflecting

Sometimes, resting for no reason also helps us block different distractions. This measure is reliable for stopping your focus from shattering for different reasons, such as depression and hustle. You can also self-contemplate. These measures are necessary when you want to amplify the impact of the red light therapy machine procedure for yourself.

Audio Books or Podcasts

People also find solace in their favorite audiobooks and podcasts. This is a great way to gain focus and concentration. When this happens, you can also feel the visible difference during your RLT sessions. Just find your favorite audiobook/podcast, download it, and listen to it when you are not in the session. It will help you focus more and block the distractions to improve the results.

Gentle Stretching

Try stretching your body gently, which will loosen your muscles. Doing this throughout your RLT sessions will create more space to relax and let your body float. This is a positive sign since you can opt for soft stretching before your sit-in and feel the difference yourself.

Expert Opinions and User Experiences

Insights from Professionals

One thing that you should consider regarding RLT is that professional assistance is needed at every step. These experts can point you in the right direction regarding the treatment so that you can choose the right option. You should be open regarding your problems, expectations, and concerns with these experts. This will help them offer you a personalized recommendation to undergo the RLT procedure. Therefore, insights from the professionals are your most significant help in case anything goes wrong. All RLT patients must follow their expert’s guidelines to avoid problems in the long run.

User Testimonials

It is better to stick with the client testimonials/reviews regarding RLT. This will help you choose the best platform or clinic to receive RLT. Therefore, user testimonials can be your lifesaver in getting a second opinion regarding the clinic, treatment, and its effects. Ensure you follow valid and credible user testimonials before making any decision.

Bontanny’s Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device is useful to relieve pain, recover muscles, reduce inflammation, treat acne, and deal with mental health issues. Several research studies show that it is the safest treatment approach but that does not mean you can use it anytime.


There are some additional considerations regarding the professional LED light therapy machine process that might help you in case you need clarity:

You can undoubtedly procure the best possible results from RLT if your phone is away. You must be clear with your expert regarding your expert so that they can analyze your condition and offer you the best advice. This will help you avoid problems during the RLT procedure. Every patient has different RLT requirements, and you must tell yours to your expert to avoid any magic from the RLT at all. Try to stick with real-time professional guidance. Only try something on your skin by letting your RLT expert know about it. It can cause you trouble rather than good.

Red light therapy is a tremendous clinical innovation for patients like you. However, any negligence can alter the results. To avoid this, follow the guidelines of RLT experts. Keeping your mobile phone away during RED light therapy at home sessions can diminish its benefits for you in the future. The best thing to do is to avoid using your mobile and let your body relax as you undergo RLT.