Can Red Light Therapy Regrow Gums?

Can Red Light Therapy Regrow Gums?


Red light therapy is a great asset for people with different skin issues. Well, not only for skin issues, we use red infrared for mood enhancement, better hair growth, and various other health benefits. Due to this reason, the trend of RLT is growing rapidly. People are becoming more aware of RLT’s health benefits and making the most of this non-invasive treatment.

There is no doubt that RLT is a reliable clinical treatment that helps cure different health concerns without causing any extreme damage or side effects. RLT also has a significant influence on your oral health. Does RLT can help regrow recessed gums? We will find this out in the following discussion. LED light therapy is a promising treatment. However, you must always stick with valid information and professional guidance to get RLT without trouble.

Understanding Gum Recession

What is the Gum Recession?

Many patients struggle with gum recession worldwide. It is a dental concern when the distance between your gums and teeth becomes larger. In other words, the gums wear down and expose the tooth. When this happens, you experience pain, and your teeth and gums become vulnerable. Periodontal diseases also complicate the situation for you. Gum recession occurs due to poor oral health, aggressive brushing, and smoking. Gum recession is not a good sign for your oral health. Immediate professional assistance is needed to treat the recessed gums promptly. People with recessed teeth have sensitive teeth, meaning they cannot eat or drink hot and cold foods. If they don’t avoid doing this, they can undergo rapid tooth decay, leading to tooth extraction.

Basics of Red Light Therapy

How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy uses non-invasive wavelengths of red and near-infrared light. These wavelengths (850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy) pass through our skin and reach the cellular bodies like mitochondria. When they fall on mitochondria, they trap them and get stimulated. The purpose of this stimulation is to produce more energy in the form of ATP. Our bodies use this ATP for numerous purposes. Organic wound healing and better hair growth can result if the ATP levels in the body increase with the help of LED light therapy.

Scientific Basis and Common Uses

RLT is famous for its wondrous impact on the skin. From acne to blemishes and wrinkles, we use RLT to treat different skin problems. Elderly people can get red light therapy benefits to revive their skin. It is a non-invasive procedure; therefore, we can rely on it not damaging the skin and seamlessly stimulating cellular bodies for natural stimulation. Hardly any known clinical treatment works like RLT for the same purpose.

Red Light Therapy and Oral Health

Recent research shows that RLT can also be highly beneficial for treating oral health issues. This means that this treatment can become a driving force for dentistry. Dentists can bring more pace and precision to their work. Also, patients might not have to undergo excruciating pain during different oral treatments. LED red light can be an excellent asset for fixing dental issues in less time without any trouble for the professionals and the patients.

Mechanisms Benefiting the Gums

You can make your gums healthy again with the help of red light therapy:

  • 1. Enhancing Cell Function: More cellular activity can result in the oral cavity, leading to better oral health and post-dental treatment recovery for the patients. The body makes more ATP, which benefits oral health and cell function.
  • 2. Increasing Circulation: Gums can stay healthy in the long run if they receive sufficient blood. RLT regulates the blood circulation in our body; therefore, gum recession can be significantly controlled with the help of proper RLT given by a professional.

Evidence on Red Light Therapy for Gum Regrowth

Review of Clinical Studies and Trials

Several clinical studies and trials indicate how we can use LED light therapy for seamless gum growth. It omits the need for time-consuming and irritating dental treatments for the patients. One promising study released by a study published in the Journal of Periodontology includes how patients who receive RLT professionally at a clinic could show better gum growth than those who did not. Experts also spotted how their gums were less inflamed, and the gum pockets were more profound, indicating the signs of fast and uninterrupted gum regrowth among these patients.

Another dental experiment uses LED red light for periodontal treatment. One key aspect of RLT is that it speeds up natural healing and tissue repair. This is what happened with the group of patients who received infrared red light after their periodontal surgery. They were able to rapidly regrow their gums while their collagen increased, leading to fast tissue repair. Also, an increased number of fibroblasts were found in the gums of these patients.

Analysis of Results

These studies prove we can use RLT for uninterrupted and guaranteed gum regrowth. Also, there are better chances of tissue repair if patients have received surgical dental treatment. The best part is that RLT can also alleviate patients' pain post-treatment. They can be easily relieved with the treatment, which ensures seamless post-treatment recovery.


There is no doubt that RLT for gum regrowth is a promising clinical treatment. However, there are some limitations hidden in the abovementioned case studies that you should consider:

  • 1. Sample Size: Small sample sizes used in some dental experiments can influence the results and alter the impact of RLT.
  • 2. Study Duration: Some experiments have been conducted for a short period. Therefore, more long-term experiments are needed to study the impact of RLT on gum regrowth stringently.
  • 3. Control Groups: Stringent control groups should be established for dental experiments to study and compare the effects of infrared red lightto other clinical treatments.

Expert Opinions

Professionals and veterans in periodontology and photomedicine are curious to learn about the impact of RLT on oral health. However, more time and effort are needed to establish its positive influence on the oral health of all types of patients. Experts point towards the significance of the advanced clinical tools and strict protocols for the clinics to undergo RLT for periodontal issues. Red light therapy device does not mean that you don't have to undergo requisite periodontal treatments. RLT is only a supplementary treatment to make dental recovery feasible, fast, and less painful. 

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Gum Health?

Practical Guidance on Using Red Light Therapy for Gums

  1. 1. Device Types: It is important to have personalized clinical equipment and advanced tools to give RLT to periodontal patients. A professional can only use one tool on some patients. Every patient has a different intensity of periodontal problems. Therefore, the types of devices used in the clinics are essential for a successful RLT on such patients.
  2. 2. Duration and Frequency of Treatment: We recommend having a 20-minute RLT session for 4-5 days per week in general circumstances. However, professionals can guide you better regarding the duration and frequency of the treatment. Some patients need a higher frequency of treatment due to their extreme oral health condition. The best thing to do is to use professional advice from your expert and find out which frequency and duration prove to be suitable for you during the sessions.
  3. 3. Treatment Protocol: Professionals and dentists must follow the treatment protocols during each session. This will reduce the chances of risk and mishaps for the patients. If professionals ask patients for certain preventive measures, then patients must adhere to them until the procedure ends. Also, professionals must adhere to the industrial and standard protocols for giving infrared light therapy to their periodontal patients.

Precautions and Best Practices

  1. 1. Consult a Professional: Don’t directly start with red light therapy machineto cure oral health problems. Professional guidance is highly mandatory to receive RLT without any trouble. This is important since you can benefit from personalized professional advice to get the best possible RLT for gum regrowth and relief.
  2. 2. Avoid Overuse: Your expert will set the proper frequency and duration of RLT according to your periodontal condition. Therefore, don’t overuse the procedure for the sake of speedy recovery; it can cause damage in the long run.
  3. 3. Safety First: It is crucial to take all sorts of precautionary measures during the sessions. Safety first means you can undergo RLT without damaging yourself or compromising your oral cavity.
  4. 4. Monitor Changes: During the sessions, check whether infrared light therapy is making a difference for you. You must also record the changes and differences after RLT. In case of anything peculiar, contact your doctor and ask for immediate help.
  5. 5. Maintenance: Gum health is crucial, and your gums might undergo different problems if they are not maintained in the long run. Therefore, even after the RLT, you must care for your gum health to avoid complications.

Alternatives and Complementary Treatments

Overview of Other Treatments for Gum Recession

  1. 1. Scaling and Root Planing: You can opt for scaling and root planing, which are deep-cleaning dental procedures. The goal is to remove deep plaque and stubborn debris buildup.
  2. 2. Gum Grafts: We detach a piece of tissue from anywhere in the oral cavity and then graft it to the gums to increase their length so that they can cover the teeth just like before. Gum grafting is a necessary dental treatment in extreme cases of gum recession.
  3. 3. Guided Tissue Regeneration: This procedure uses a biocompatible fabric that creates a barrier between the tissue and the healing area. So that tissue cannot interrupt the healing area, which can cause infection.

Complementary Role of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is an excellent complementary procedure that can make dentistry more feasible. It is highly reliable for speedy dental recovery and tissue repair.

  • 1. Post-Surgical Healing: If patients undergo treatments like gum grafting, LED red lightcan relieve pain and enhance tissue repair after treatment.
  • 2. Enhancing Non-Surgical Treatments: It can also aid in scaling and root planing; however, professionals can integrate red infraredto reduce oral pain and inflammation for the patients.


If you are struggling with any periodontal problem, a professional LED light therapy machine can make your life much easier. However, the best thing to do is consult a professional and choose the best RLT approach for yourself later.

Red light therapy has shown promising results in regrowing gums by stimulating energy production in cells, improving health, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and encouraging faster healing and growth of new gum tissue.

Bontanny's Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device offers a convenient solution with red and near-infrared light to reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. This red light therapy device, with its pulsed function and table stand for easy use, provides a non-invasive and effective way to support gum health and potentially aid in regrowing gums.