Can Red Light Therapy Help Asthma?

Can Red Light Therapy Help Asthma?



Asthma is the most common respiratory tract disorder. It is regarded as a body dysfunction instead of a disease. In asthma, the muscles tighten, and the passage of airflow gets reduced. It affects breathing and leads to symptoms like cough, breath shortness, and tightening of the chest. This chronic condition can be seen globally as it affects many people.

There are so many causes that trigger Asthma. It includes polluted air, infections in the respiratory tract, stress, and many allergens. Red Infrared Light Therapy is seen to improve the health of Asthma patients. In this treatment, the body is exposed to red or infrared light of low wavelengths. This treatment is also called photobiomodulation. The treatment is beneficial for skin issues, inflammations, healing of wounds, and pain treatment.

A professional LED light therapy machine improves the functions of cells and increases the cell's capacity for energy production. The article by Bontanny focuses on the 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy treatments results on asthma patients. Whether the anti-inflammation effects of this treatment improve asthma patients' health. This blog is essential with the increasing research on this approach for long-term medical issues.

Understanding Asthma

The disease caused by the inflammation of the respiratory tract is called Asthma. It’s a chronic disease, also known as lung cancer. Asthma is not restricted to age but affects people all around the world. It narrows the airway tract and causes wheezing. Its side effects also include breath issues, tightening of chest muscles, and severe cough. There are many other symptoms of Asthma whose frequency and intensity may vary.

However, the symptoms of Asthma can be triggered by multiple factors like any allergy, polluted air, stress, and body weakness. The traditional symptoms for the cure of Asthma aim to treat the symptoms and reduce the intensity of attacks. The treatment contains the use of medicinal drugs, inhalers, and, in severe cases, immunotherapy. Even after getting treatment, patients with asthma still struggle. Their physical workout, sleep, and worse health make the people absent from school and offices.

These issues in the daily life of Asthma patients make the researchers study other traditional treatments. The main aim of the treatments is to improve their life and reduce their occasional symptoms. But these traditional treatments are beneficial for those who go beyond the medicines and find other ways ineffective and short-term.

What is Red Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is a new approach to treating asthma. Red light therapy is also called photo-bio-modulation. It's a therapeutic treatment that utilizes low-wavelengths of red and infrared light waves. The treatment is based on the idea that a specific level of light waves passes by the skin and gets absorbed into the cells.

Then, the absorbed waves increase the function of mitochondria, which is a powerhouse of cells. Ultimately, the energy of cells will promote healing, decrease swelling, and ease you down.

Now, the treatment of red light therapy is used for fitness and medical purposes. Mainly, it is used to treat skin issues like healing wounds, acne, and aging, and sometimes to ease pain and recover muscles. RED light therapy treatment is now a popular choice of doctors to use in homes and clinics because of its simple process and few side effects.

The treatment is expected to treat the inflamed airways of asthma patients, but red light therapy benefits are still subject to research.

Red Light Therapy and Respiratory Health

Red light therapy is a developing field to study these days, especially in the area of respiratory issues. The treatment is found to be very beneficial for skin treatments and muscle issues, but its link to respiratory disease treatment is still in process.

 Potential Mechanism

The treatment of asthma with the infrared red light light treatment method is new and interesting because of its benefits in curing inflammation. As the red light therapy device cures inflammation, asthma is a disease of respiratory tract inflammation. It also improves lung health and overall cellular function. Which ultimately increases the capacity of the lungs to function.  

 Research and Clinical Trials

Only a few studies have been done on red light treatment when linked with Asthma. However, much research on it is done for respiratory issues. The purpose of studies is primarily to check the reduction in inflammation using the treatment. Whether treatment improves the lung’s capacity to function. Few research and trials are done on treatment only, but it is now necessary to check its effect on asthma patients.

Benefits and Limitations

Potential Benefits of Asthma

The treatment of infrared red light would be beneficial for asthma patients. The benefits are:
1.Inflammation treatment:When Asthma is treated with Red light waves, it will reduce airway inflammation and ease the body.
2.Increased Functionality of Lungs:When waves get absorbed into the cells of the lungs, it will enhance the respiration and the capacity of the lungs to work.

Limitations and Considerations

The treatment of infrared red light therapy is beneficial but has limitations to consider. A few things that need to be in the patient’s mind are:
1.Lack of Extensive Research:Only a little research has been done on red light treatment for asthma disease. Therefore, there are no guaranteed results or efficiency of treatment usage.
2.Potential Side Effects: The treatment is safe right now, but every research has hidden side effects. Similarly, its treatment for asthma will be researched in depth.

Comparison with Traditional Asthma Treatments

The treatment of infrared waves (infrared red Light Therapy), when compared to usual treatments of asthma, must not be considered proven. Because the study is still going on. Inhalers, Drugs, and other medical treatments for Asthma have the same importance and effects.
Therefore, the treatment should be taken as a side approach along with the medical treatment. Moreover, patients with asthma must consult their doctors whenever they are trying or planning to go for any new treatment. So they will remain clear, free mind, and informed about every consequence.

Implementing Red Light Therapy in Asthma Management

If any asthma patient is planning to add this red light method to their treatment process, they should consider a few things.
1.Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: Always consult with your doctors before getting the LED red light Your consultation will decide whether you should go for it or not based on your health condition.
2.Integration with Conventional Treatments: Red light treatment is not the only solution to asthma. Therefore, take it as a supplementary way to cure your asthma. You can continue the treatment with your medical drugs only when your doctor recommends it.
3.Starting Slowly: If your doctor allows you to get the red light therapy alongside your medicines, then you should add it to your routine slowly. The gradual addition to your routine will let you handle your condition while maintaining your comfort.
4.Monitoring Symptoms: Record every single symptom before and after treatment. Any minor change and improvement in patients will help the doctors and patients to study and handle it more.
5.Recommendations from Healthcare Professionals: keep following the recommendations of your doctors. It will help you reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and works as a precaution.



Research on the LED red light treatment in the prevention of asthma is a new and developing study. The approach of the method is beneficial for skin and muscles, but it does not mean its anti-inflammation effects will show promising effects for asthma. Therefore, the research is limited and still going on.

The patients, doctors, and anyone who’s in medicine who wants to add it to their life must consult with doctors once. Professional consultation is a must while adding new wavelight treatment to your body. It will help you understand how it works with your current body condition or whether it is actually suitable for your body or not. Stay updated with new medical approaches for making healthy decisions.

Red light therapy has been shown to effectively reduce inflammation and improve lung function in asthma patients, making this device a great addition to any asthma management plan.

We highly recommend the Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device for people living with asthma. This device emits red and near-infrared light designed to reduce pain, relax muscles and joints, and increase blood circulation.