Do You Need Eye Protection For Red Light Therapy?

Do You Need Eye Protection For Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a skin-friendly and non-invasive clinical treatment. It yields positive results and empowers patients to have healthy skin once again.

We use red and near-infrared wavelengths in infrared light therapy. These harmless waves cross the skin barrier and approach cellular bodies like mitochondria to stimulate them. When they are stimulated, they initiate the skin’s natural healing process and damage repair.

So that the skin can become healthy without damage, we can get RLT at clinics and at home. However, in both cases, it is crucial to protect your eyes.

We advise wearing goggles, and Bontanny ships a pair with all of its products. In this post, we will intensely discuss the impact of red infrared light on our eyes.

Red Light Therapy Demystified

The crux of this therapy is the stimulation of mitochondria through wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are red and near-infrared light. They travel into the skin layers to reach mitochondria.

All of this happens safely. The mitochondria trap these incoming wavelengths and are triggered. After the stimulation, they will initiate skin healing and tissue repair processes. RLT also reduces inflammation by destroying inflammatory cytokines that cause inflammation, skin irritation, and pain.

Therapeutic Uses

We can maintain and improve skin health with infrared red light. However, its benefits extend beyond skin maintenance. Medical science has revealed different advantages of red light therapy device other than skin health that we list below:

It fights wrinkles, makes the skin glow, and helps heal injuries and damage faster. Pain Management: RLT also relieves pain caused by extreme skin damage, such as accidents. Inflammation Reduction is a great asset for patients who struggle with chronic inflammation, which mostly occurs after accidents.

The Necessity of Eye Protection

We at Bontanny advise you to wear goggles before starting the red light therapy for face or any other body part. There are many reasons for this. The first thing is that eyes are sensitive. Therefore, they can be damaged by directly contacting RLT wavelengths. There can be wavelengths of 850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy. There is no doubt that these wavelengths are harmless.

However, preventative measures like eye protection will reduce the risk of possible complications. Also, if patients undergo intense RLT, eye protection is a necessary preventative measure. Other than this, wearing goggles will also protect the patients from photosensitivity. It is a common side effect of infrared red light. However, it is temporary.

Bontanny offers easy-to-use Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device with Pulsed Function for users who want to have treatments with red light therapy at home. Here are some of the factors why you should choose Bontanny:

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The Eye and Light Exposure

The human eye is an intricate part of the body that works with different types of light. These spectra can influence the eye based on various factors. However, the baseline is that the eye responds to these spectra always. Therefore, when we use red and near-infrared wavelengths, our eyes will react to them. Sometimes, this response can be unprecedented. Thus, to avoid damage, we recommend eye protection through goggles.

1. How the Eye Responds to Light?

Eyes behave differently when they come in contact with different wavelengths of light. However, UV rays and blue light are more damaging to the eyes. These ranges have higher energy levels and due to this reason, they can compromise the eyes faster.

Red light falls under the visible light spectrum and has less intensity. For this reason, we consider it less harmful to health than others. Therefore, wearing goggles can reduce the chances of red light damage to our eyes.

2. Natural Eye Protection Mechanisms

Our eyes have natural defense mechanisms to protect themselves as much as possible. However, with time and due to long-term exposure, these mechanisms can become weak.

The pupils in our eyes constrict and shrink to prevent more light from entering our eyes, which helps reduce damage.

We immediately close our eyes by blinking and squinting in intense light. Therefore, it helps reduce the damage to the eyes.

These pigments are present in the retina. Their role is to prevent UV rays and blue light from entering the eyes as much as possible.

Is Red Light Safe for Eyes?

Summary of Current Research

Different studies have shown that infrared light therapy is safe and healthy for the eyes. However, there are some potential risks that we must be aware of. Photosensitivity is one of the major problems that might occur post-treatment. The best part about RLT for the eyes is the mitochondrial stimulation. It helps enhance vision and protects the eyes from other problems. A professional LED light therapy machine has given positive results in old populations.

Experiments show how it improves vision in older adults. However, it is essential to perform LED light therapy only with expert guidance. RLT is not risky for the eyes as compared to other spectra. The reason is that the wavelengths used in this treatment are not harmful to the eyes and skin. However, the best thing to do is to stick to preventative measures like wearing goggles. It will reduce the possible risks and enhance the results as well.

Expert Opinions and Guidelines

Expert opinions and guidelines are crucial to consider when it comes to RLT. RLT is a personalized approach. Therefore, patients must communicate with their doctors for the proper personal advice. Experts will help you based on your requirements, conditions, and expectations. We cannot box LED light therapy for a one-fits-all approach since it can be dangerous for patients.

It is right to say that expert guidance is needed at every step of the RLT process. RLT experts are open to guiding their patients in the right direction. So that they can make most of the treatment easily. In every case, experts ensure the ocular safety of the patients. By doing this, patients can protect their eyes during the RLT sessions. If someone has sensitive and vulnerable eyes, discussing with the doctor beforehand is better to avoid complications.

To Shield or Not to Shield?

Experts can distinguish the circumstances when shielding is necessary for patients. However, for the baseline idea, we are listing some general situations when shielding eyes before RLT will be beneficial. For more insights, we recommend discussing this with your RLT expert beforehand.

Circumstances Requiring Eye Protection

  • 1. High-Intensity Devices:
  • At clinics, we use some high-intensity professional LED light therapy machines. Well, these devices are only recommended for some patients. Only those people struggling with severe skin conditions can depend on them. Now, these devices are high-intensity, which means they might damage the ocular tissues as well. To minimize the damage, your eyes need to be covered or shielded by goggles. We use industrial-grade goggles that prevent high-intensity light from entering the eyes.
  • 2. Prolonged Sessions:
  • In extreme skin conditions, patients need to opt for prolonged LED red light In these cases, the frequency and duration of the sessions are higher. Therefore, it is not beneficial to undergo LED light therapy without shielding the eyes. If the light constantly enters the eyes, it will damage them and also compromise vision.
  • 3. Pre Existing Eye Conditions:
  • Some patients have pre existing eye conditions, such as cataracts, impaired vision, and weak vision. Therefore, experts have to be careful when giving them RLT. Patients must discuss their eye history with them so that they can devise a viable approach for these patients easily.

Types of Eye Protection

At clinics, we can shield patients' eyes not only with goggles but also with other alternatives. These options are useful in case of emergency and shortage. Therefore, it is better to learn about them and use them before getting RLT started!!!

  • 1. Safety Goggles:
  • As discussed earlier, RLT goggles are necessary to ensure complete eye protection in case of pre-existing eye conditions, extensive RLT sessions, and other circumstances. These goggles are industrial standard and trap the intense light from LED red lightdevices so that it does not enter the eyes.
  • 2. Tanning Bed Goggles:
  • These goggles are typically used to prevent UV rays from entering the ocular cavity. However, we can also use them for RLT sessions. Their structure easily traps these lights and ensures complete eye protection for the RLT patients.
  • 3. Opaque Eye Masks:
  • These eye masks are readily available at RLT clinics. They are also good for capturing RLT light. They are also easy to use and completely adjustable for the patients.

Safe Usage Practices

There are some additional safe usage practices for RLT patients. These practices ensure complete protection of skin and eyes and enhance the end results of the treatment.

Guidelines for Safe RLT Use

  • 1. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines:
  • Never ignore the manufacturer’s instructions. Some devices have clear guidelines for usage. It is important to use them as per these instructions. In case you don’t understand them, the best is to contact the manufacturer for complete guidance. Doing this will reduce the chances of mishandling the RLT devices at clinics and homes.
  • 2. Start Gradually:
  • There is no need to undergo intense LED red light Your skin and body might not be able to accept this treatment all of a sudden, so it is important to keep the pace of RLT gradual in the beginning. Once your body gets familiar with the treatment, you can increase the intensity. However, expert guidance is crucial for this purpose.
  • 3. Maintain Proper Distance:
  • The RLT devices have manufacturer guidelines for maintaining proper distance. Therefore, it is important to maintain this distance to reduce the chances of problems during the treatment.

Tips for Sensitive Eyes or Existing Eye Conditions

  • Discuss your eye condition with your RLT expert. They will better guide you through LED red lightwith your pre-existing eye condition.
  • Use Eye Protection: Safety eyewear is important to ensure the protection of previously compromised eyes.


Red light therapy for face is a beneficial treatment for people struggling with acute and chronic skin problems. However, this guide tells about complete eye protection during the treatment. Different measures are available to protect eyes from possible damage that might be caused by RLT in rare cases. However, it is temporary, and with suitable preventative measures, we can ensure protection as well.

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