How Long Does Red Light Therapy Take to Work?

How Long Does Red Light Therapy Take to Work?



Red Light Therapy (RLT) is an emerging skin treatment that cures different skin problems. The trend of RLT is not just hype. Instead, it offers promising results. Today, we have successfully treated millions with chronic skin problems and other health concerns with infrared light therapy. It is a process that includes wavelengths of red and near-infrared lights. These wavelengths are safe for the skin and do not harm it.

850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy penetrate the skin barrier and approach the cellular bodies to stimulate them. When this happens, the skin is triggered to start different healing and regenerative processes. There is no doubt that RLT is a beneficial process for such patients. Itocess requires such patients. Its exceptional results have become a great asset for the dermatology industry. However, it is vital to understand the workings of RLT. This post will discuss how long red light therapy takes to work. It will help you know what to expect with the results after getting RLT!

What is Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a unique laser treatment. It includes wavelengths of red and near-infrared light. These wavelengths cross the skin and reach out to cellular bodies like mitochondria.

Wavelengths trigger the healing and repairing processes of the skin. Sometimes, our skin is not able to repair itself, and for this reason, inflammation increases.

However, after using a red light therapy device, this process starts and relieves us from inflammation and pain. These wavelengths target mitochondria, which are involved in the body’s energy production. It also improves cellular and skin functions.

Conditions Treated by RLT

As discussed earlier, infrared light therapy is not just skin-centric. We can treat different problems with the same clinical method successfully:

  • 1. Skin Health:  

  • Red light therapy deviceis reliable for treating acne, wrinkles, fine lines, undertone skin, less collagen, and wounds. It means you can use red light therapy for face as well.
  • 2. Pain Relief:

  • For patients with arthritis, tendonitis, and back pain, it gives exceptional results.
  • 3. Inflammation Reduction:

  • Red infrared therapyis also suitable for treating patients' accident wounds and injuries. It settles swelling and ruptured skin and reduces inflammation.
  • 4. Wound Healing:

  • Deep wounds are easy to treat with RLT because they are painless. By fastening the wound-healing process, it relieves the person from suffering excruciating pain.
  • 5. Muscle Recovery:

  • RLT also benefits athletes, who often suffer muscle damage. RLT repairs and strengthens their muscles so they can endure more strain and damage next time.

    Mechanism of Action

    Now, it’s time to learn about the mechanism of the red infrared therapy process. So that it can give you a baseline idea. Without red and near-infra-red wavelengths, RLT cannot work correctly.

    These skin-friendly wavelengths safely penetrate the skin to reach the cellular domain. When these strike mitochondria, they absorb them. As a result, more energy is produced in the form of ATP.

    Other than this, rapid regenerative processes and cellular metabolism take place. Besides, we see more stabilization of collagen and elastin levels in the skin. All these factors contribute to the healthy skin free of damage and inflammation.

    RLT has also been scientifically proven for patients. This process has an evident influence in different situations. It makes it clear that RLT is an effective and skin-friendly process that has the potential to treat different problems seamlessly.

    • 1. Increased Collagen Production:

    • Collagen is the lifeblood of our skin. It makes our skin plump and soft and keeps it young and free of wrinkles. When collagen reduces in our skin with age, wrinkles and fine lines appear. However, it is easy to treat with infrared light therapy.
    • 2. Enhanced Circulation:

    • RLT also stimulates blood flow through the skin. When this happens, more blood flow keeps the skin rejuvenated. Also, the cellular bodies under the skin keep performing naturally without interruptions, resulting in healthy skin.
    • 3. Reduction of Inflammatory Markers:

    • RLT reduces inflammatory cytokines that develop inflammation. Due to this reason, you feel an irritable sensation that makes you uneasy. RLT can reduce them, which automatically reduces the inflammation.

      Expected Timeline for Red Light Therapy Results

      One noteworthy thing is that the results of infrared light therapy take time to manifest. Therefore, it is vital to understand the timeline for RLT as per different conditions. Below, we discuss skin aging and pain relief.

      For Skin Aging

      • Early Results:

      • The skin's overall condition changes during the first 2-4 weeks of RLT. It becomes plump, less inflamed, tighter, and even-toned. Collagen levels also increase, which can be monitored clinically. For this reason, patients should track these differences right after the treatment with red light therapy for face.
      • Long-term Results:

      • The duration of RLT increases with chronic skin conditions, such as deep wrinkles and fine lines. Experts recommend a timeline for RLT, considering the patients' condition.

      For Pain Relief

      • Immediate Relief:

      • A few infrared light therapy sittings are sufficient to release pain and muscle strain. There is no need to intensify the frequency of RLT since such minor complications are easy to treat with a few sessions.
      • Long-term Effectiveness:

      • In some extreme cases, we recommend 4-6 weeks for RLT. This results in the long-term effectiveness of the treatment. For instance, in post-op and deep wrinkles cases, this option will be more beneficial for the patients.

      Factors Influencing Red Light Therapy Effectiveness

      Consistency and Session Duration

      • 1. Consistency:

      • The most important thing during the process is to maintain consistency. Your doctor must plan a followable plan for LED light therapy. Unnecessary breaks and delays during the process can hamper the results. Therefore, it is crucial to get RLT regularly to ensure better results in less time.
      • 2. Session Duration:

      • Normally, there is no need to exceed 20 minutes of RLT in each session. This duration works sufficiently for patients suffering from mild skin problems. However, depending on their patients' condition, experts can increase this duration if needed.

      Cumulative Effect of Regular, Ongoing Use

      • LED light therapy has a profound, cumulative effect on us. This means that the results will build over time. It is not an overnight success. Therefore, RLT experts expect patients to be present in all the sessions.
      • So that it can lead them to the desired results. Only regularly getting RLT will ensure positive results. RLT cannot promise desired results if patients sit only in one or two sessions. Due to this reason, it consistently counts a lot when it comes to this clinical RLT.

      Individual Variation in Response

      • Sometimes, the results of LED red light also depend on individual variations. Some people have different types of skin. Due to this reason, some skin types can immediately respond to RLT, while others might take time.
      • Therefore, experts deeply study their patients' skin and understand their needs so that they can inform them about their skin and how long it will take to react to RLT in terms of manifestation of results.

      Best Practices for Using Red Light Therapy

      Below, we list some viable tips for enhancing the results of RLT for all skin types:

      • Direct Contact:

      • Your skin must come in contact with RLT devices so that these devices can better push the wavelengths into the skin, enhancing the process's results. You can use red light therapy at homeas well.
      • Avoid Overuse:

      • We recommend only regular use of LED red light; however, overusing it might damage the skin tissues. Therefore, it is highly important to consider the safe and well-balanced execution of RLT under your doctor’s supervision.
      • Combine with Healthy Lifestyle:

      • RLT is a supplementary process. This means that RLT alone cannot yield the desired results. Patients also need to indulge in a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and healthy habits that are also friendly to their skin matter significantly. Combining RLT with a healthy lifestyle will be more beneficial.

      Consultation and Professional Advice

      When considering getting RLT from a clinic, factors like consultation and professional advice matter a lot. The reason is that it will help you have the best possible clinical RLT as soon as possible. RLT experts are available to help their patients with personalized advice so that they can enhance the treatment for them.

      Besides this, professional guidance is essential for patients with previous skin conditions. They will give them healthy and viable advice so that they can follow a fruitful treatment throughout their sessions. Therefore, it is essential to be open with these RLT experts before starting the process.


      Red Light Therapy is a beneficial treatment from all angles. However, patients and experts should be able to collaborate on the same page regarding using professional LED light therapy machine. From both ends, it is crucial to be open regarding the expectations. Sometimes, RLT results take time to manifest.

      Due to this reason, the person who is getting infrared light therapy must have patience. It is vital to trust the process and the expert in all circumstances. Patients can quickly consult them if they have concerns and doubts. The purpose of this guide was to enlighten you with the essential insights of RLT so that you can know what to expect from the treatment.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Red Light Therapy safe?

      It is safe because harmful substances and materials are not involved during the process. However, if a patient has a previous skin condition or their skin is too sensitive to undergo RLT, they need to consult their doctor as soon as possible. They will help them move forward.

      Can RLT cause any side effects?

      RLT does not have permanent or severe side effects, which can quickly go away with general measures. Redness and photosensitivity are common side effects that patients report. They can be easily treated with moisturizers and face coverings post-treatment.

      How long do I need to continue RLT to maintain its benefits?

      There is no thumb rule for it. RLT experts will determine the frequency and duration of the treatment based on the patient's skin condition. Therefore, it is hard to predict this before starting the treatment. However, discussing it with the experts beforehand is possible for better insights.