Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne?

Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne?


Human skin is very sensitive. Multiple external and internal factors bring changes and create many problems. These sudden changes lead to skin-related issues like redness, inflammation, rashes, pimples, and acne.

Acne is one of the most common skin-related issues. The continuous availability of pimples, whiteheads, and pimples becomes the reason for causing acne. Acne also occurs during youth or adolescence. The severity of acne depends on the factors causing it. Severe acne may leave hyperpigmentation, scars, and inflammation.

Several treatments and cures have been developed for acne. Red light therapy is one of the most effective and widely recommended treatments for curing acne. RLT or Red Light Therapy refers to a process of exposing patients to low-level IR or low-level red light.

In this article, Bontanny will delve into the details to understand acne, and how Red light therapy at home helps in curing it along with historical data and scientific research.

Understanding Acne

Acne refers to skin-related issues. It occurs when dead skin cells or skin oil clog the hair follicles. This leads to the development of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. This is one of many processes of occurring acne.

Several other factors also lead to the causation of acne. Some of those factors include genetics, oil production, bacteria, and hormonal changes. All these factors can be the reason for causing acne. As acne is one of the common skin issues, multiple treatments are also available.

These treatments include daily skincare routine, medications, and topical creams. Humans have different types of skin, therefore different treatment works for each person. One treatment may be suitable for you but not for others. Apart from causing skin problems, acne also causes mental damage to patients.

Acne sufferers may face low esteem, low confidence, anxiety, and even depression. Therefore, researchers have started finding a solution to treat this problem.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Infrared Light Therapy was discovered back when scientists at NASA first performed an investigation on using light for treating and curing wounds and the growth of tissue in space. It first originated at the start of the 1990s as the sole purpose of medicine.

Red light therapy is also known as low-level red laser therapy. It is a non-disturbing, soundfree treatment that uses a low IR or red light at certain wavelengths to ensure the muscle recovery and wound healing process.

This exceptional therapy by red light therapy device uses light to expose the body to certain wavelengths and improve several biological functions. Red light therapy uses a working phenomenon called photobiomodulation. A professional led light therapy machine process involves the interaction of human body cells and a certain range of wavelengths of light. When the light and cells meet, it generates biological responses which leave a therapeutic effect on the body.

Red light therapy benefits And Acne: The Connection

How LED red light Works Against Acne?

RLT involves a process of penetrating near IR light and low-level red light into the affected skin area. The penetration rejuvenates cellular activity. It also helps in reducing the acne and inflammation in the skin.

Red Light Therapy For Face Reduce Inflammation

Red Light Therapy significantly helps in reducing the inflammation in the skin. Inflammation is one of the main elements that cause the severity of acne. When red light therapy for face reduces Inflammation, it ultimately helps acne to manage. Moreover, RLT also encourages the development of collagen which effectively prevents the skin from getting scars and promotes healthy skin.

Effective Results Of RLT

Several studies and research have shown effective results and proof that RLT effectively cures acne. Various research shows proof that patients who used RLT saw drastically better results in reducing acne. Moreover, it is more effective when used with other medical treatments like BLT.

Comparing RLT With Traditional Acne Treatments

Efficacy Comparison

Multiple acne treatments are available in the market. However, not every treatment shows effective and immediate results. Some traditional treatments are known to be quite effective and have immediate results.

Traditional treatments like oral medication and topical creams directly target the root cause of the acne that's why it works well. Whereas, led light therapy does not directly target or hit any spot. Therefore, the results are immediate but it is considered the best alternative to those traditional treatments.

Side Effects And Safety Profile

Infrared light therapy does not have severe side effects and is considered one of the safest acne treatments. Whereas, many other traditional treatments may cause severe side effects like irritation, and dryness, and ultimately lead to worsen the situation. On the other hand, RLT does not have direct side effects on the skin, therefore it is considered ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Suitability For Different Skin Types and Acne Conditions

RLT is a non-touchable phenomenon. Therefore, it suits all types of skins and is considered the best and safest option.

Real World Applications And User Experiences

Case Studies And Testimonials

Several testimonials and case studies prove the application and use of Red Light Therapy for treating acne. These testimonials show the positive response and success of Red Light Therapy in treating acne without causing any side effects.

Guidelines For Using RLT For Acne

The guidelines for red light therapy device sessions involve the number of treatment sessions a person requires. The sessions may vary for different persons as per their skin condition and acne severity. Moreover, the intensity of light therapy and duration of one session also vary depending on patients' conditions. Therefore, be sure to follow the guidelines of your dermatologist before starting any session.

Tips For Integrating RLT Into Existing Skincare Routine

One can easily incorporate Red Light Therapy into a normal skincare routine. It depends on the person whether he or she wants to use it as a separate treatment or along with other acne treatments. Moreover, the addition of a healthy skincare routine during the therapy session is also helpful for overall skin health.

Potential Limitations And Considerations

Red Light Therapy is widely known for curing acne and skin-related issues. However, there are still some limitations to its cuteness or treatment. As each person has a different skin type and has different skin sensitivity, therefore it's a high chance that if this therapy works for you, it may not be suitable for another person. It may show immediate effective results in person while it does not show anything after 2-3 sessions. Hence, it is safe to say that it is not one permanent solution for everyone. Instead, it is an effective alternative for most people

Precaution And Contraindications

People have different skin sensitivity levels. Most people who undergo certain treatments may increase photosensitivity in their skin. Red Light Therapy is a non-abrasive treatment and uses light. People with light sensitivity may use precautions before starting the therapy. It is highly recommended to consult with your dermatologist in this situation.

Discussion On Ongoing Research And Unanswered Questions

Red Light Therapy is an ongoing field that requires tons of research, evidence, and proof to understand its effectiveness. Researchers are also unaware of treatment protocols and long-term effects on human skin or condition. This field needs more constant and strong clinical trials and experiments and see the potential benefits and disadvantages of Red Light Therapy.


Red light therapy for face is a promising field of treating acne. However, it still needs some serious ongoing research to see its potential benefits and side effects in the long term. This article helps you understand the phenomenon, history, and significance of Red Light Therapy in curing Acne. As each person has different skin types and different types of acne severity, the effectiveness of RLT also varies for each person.

Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device non-abrasive quality allows it to be used on all types of skin conditions making it ideal for treating acne. RLT significantly decreases the inflammation around the affected area of acne and ultimately helps in reducing the acne. It is advised to consult with a doctor or dermatologist first before going for Red Light Therapy. Moreover, their insight helps in effective changes in overall skin health.

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