Does Red Light Therapy Tan You?


Does Red Light Therapy Tan You?  



A non-invasive procedure in which red or mostly near red infrared lights are penetrated directly into the skin is known as red light therapy, commonly called RLT. The benefits it harvests have gained massive popularity, like wound healing, better skin, pain management, etc. The procedure involves light wavelengths aiming at specific skin areas and resulting in the simulation of beneficial cellular processes. But there is a misconception related to RLT that sparks about tanning.

One common speculation involving the Infrared Red Light Therapy procedure is that it causes the skin to get tan easily. The misconception is generated as RLT procedures work with light exposure, which is just like tanning beds or what you can call sunbathing. However, it is important to know that melanin production is not stimulated by the RLT procedure. Rather, it is triggered by excessive exposure to harmful UV rays, also called ultraviolet rays.

The procedure involving RLT not only enhances cell working but also greatly helps in collagen production. This works as mitochondria in cells are stimulated, which results in boosted energy and an overall improved repair process. Other prominent benefits of RLT involve fewer wrinkles, more skin rejuvenation, and great skin texture.

As compared to tanning methods with traditional technology involving direct UV exposure, the RLT procedure doesn't come with sane risks. The rays from UV radiation or direct sunlight exposure bring great damage to the DNA of cells, such as premature skin aging, skin cancer, and much more. Also, RLT provides a lot of other therapeutic results with little or no involvement of UV rays.

What is Red Light Therapy?

It is a non-invasive Red led light therapy procedure in which infrared lights are penetrated directly into the skin. The RLT treatment comes with a long history deep-rooted with scientific research, which is utilized for not only health benefits but overall body wellness.

It’s not a new technique. Rather, it dates back to the centuries, as the early records show that this method was being applied in Egypt and Greece. But today's RLT is frequently used in a lot of technological advancements and holistic scientific discoveries. In the early to mid-20s era, many scientists started to explore the light and its various effects cast upon living organisms, which led to therapies involving light-based procedures. This research gave rise to Infrared Red Light Therapy.

The procedure works as LED Light Therapy aims specific light wavelengths onto the skin and its underlying layers of tissues. These specific wavelengths are sucked by body cells, especially mitochondria, also called the cell’s powerhouse, as it generates energy in adenosine triphosphate ATP form.

Whenever the skiing gets exposed to any red infrared light, the cell’s powerhouse becomes functional and produces ATP, resulting in more cellular energy and various beneficial effects on the human body. The benefits primarily are stimulated collagen production, increased repair, and elastin fibers with enhanced circulation. Moreover, RLT helps to release oxidative stress and different inflammation that leads to various health problems.

RLT therapy comes with a vast range of skin benefits and therapeutic benefits. A few common benefits by Bontanny include:

  • Skincare: RLT greatly helps to improve skin texture, fine lines, glowy skin, and youthful complexion. Also, it works to repair skin conditions like psoriasis, acute acne, etc.

  • Pain Management:LED Light Therapy helps to elevate pain or any inflammatory condition like joint stress, muscle pull, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

  • Wound Healing:healing wounds is one of the primary benefits of RLT as it helps to heal wounds by stimulating the production of cells with tissue repairs.

  • Hair Growth: RLT stimulates hair growth and helps with hair fall by enhancing blood circulation, resulting in glossy hair.

  • Sports and Fitness:Sports enthusiasts and athletes use this procedure post-workout to reduce muscle strain and boost performance.  

  • Mental Health:Research shows that RLT has a positive impact on both mental health and mood.

  • Overall Health and Wellness:RLT is applied to various wellness programs to boost energy levels and volatility.  

The Difference Between RLT and Tanning Beds:

The main difference between tanning beds and RLT is the broad light spectrum and its effects on the skin.

The Spectrum of Light: UV vs. Red Light:

Tanning beds directly relieve UV radiations, including UVA and UVB lights. Both of these UV radiations involve short wavelengths with stimulated melanin production, resulting in tan. However, frequent UV exposure as a result of tanning beds puts harmful consequences like aging, sunburn, and skin cancer.

As compared to LED Light Therapy, red infrared light involves long wavelengths and, thankfully, falls out of the harmful UV spectrum. The light falls under the red light category and does not induce melanin production, just like UV rays, with little to no tanning. Rather, red light penetrates deep into the skin and does cell interaction, especially with mitochondria. It enhances cellular production without involving harmful UV rays exposure.

 UV Light effects on the Skin:

UV light caused by tanning beds casts deep effects on the skin, such as:

  • 1.Melanin Production:UV rays not only stimulate melanocytes to produce unnecessary melanin, leading to tanning or permanent skiing darkening.

  • 2.Skin Damage:Unnecessary UV exposure causes damage to skin cells and amplifies the skin cancer risks with effects like premature aging, wrinkles, and age spots.

  • 3.Sunburn: Excessive UV rays exposure gives a platform to painful sunburn with symptoms like inflammation, skin peeling, and redness.

Effects of Red Light Therapy For Face:

LED Red Light casts different kinds of effects on bare skin:

  • 1.Collagen Production: The stimulation of fibroblasts by red light therapy helps in producing collagen and various elastin fibers, resulting in velvety skin texture with fewer wrinkles and boosted elasticity.

  • 2.Cellular Energy: The enhanced mitochondrial activity results in improved ATP production, which assists in the cell repair procedure.

  • 3.Reduction of Inflammation:RLT works to reduce different sorts of inflammations and various oxidative skin stress, partially helping with conditions like acute acne or psoriasis.

  • 4.Pain Relief:Red light therapy accelerates wound healing by boosting tissue repair.

Does Red Light Therapy Tan the Skin?

The answer is No; Red Light Therapy (RLT) does not cause the skin to get tan.

The primary reason that RLT is guaranteed to not generate tanning speaks for itself as an implication of specific light wavelengths and how they interact with the skin. RLT uses red called near-infrared red light, with long wavelengths in contrast to (UV) light emitting from sunlight or tanning beds.

Tanning, be it from sunlight or any tanning bed, is driven by melanin production within the skin. Melanin is a so-called pigment responsible for the coloration of skin, hair, or eye color. When any kind of skin is exposed to harmful UV radiation, the melanocytes produce greater melanin as a result of a protective response. The resulting melanin production aims towards the darkening of the upper layer of skin, creating the effect of tan.

However, it’s confirmed that LED Red Light therapy does not induce melanocytes to produce melanin. It is evident that both red and near-red infrared light do not cast the same effect on cells with pigment production functioning. Instead, RLT directly interacts with the cell’s powerhouse and promotes cellular energy and cellular processes.

Red Light Therapy Benefits For The Skin:

 Collagen Production and Skin Elasticity:

RLT exhibits immense collagen production within the skin layers. The present collagen within the skin cells builds to maintain structural integrity. While skin elastin contributes greatly to skin flexibility. That is why RLT is said to amplify skin texture, reduce skin wrinkles, and enhance skin firmness.

 Wound Healing and Scar Reduction:

RLT accelerates wound healing by boosting the repair of damaged tissues within the cells. The procedure amplifies cellular metabolism with increased blood flow. Moreover, RLT helps to mitigate scars by improving collagen production and regeneration of youthful skin cells.

 Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Its Effects on Skin Conditions:

RLT offers immense anti-inflammatory benefits for persons dealing with various skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. It greatly helps to reduce skin redness and any sort of inflammation directly associated with acute skin conditions, resulting in improved skin appearance and tightness.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions:

Although the procedure of RLT is a safe one, certain individuals are advised to avoid it or apply it with great caution, including:

  • 1.People with disorders involving photosensitivity: Individuals having certain conditions in which their skin gets actually sensitive to various lights should first consult any healthcare professional before RLT application.

  • 2.Pregnant women: The RLT should be avoided ideally during pregnancy as its safety during pregnancy has not been ensured yet. Therefore, pregnant ladies should seek special medical guidance before going for it.

  • 3.Individuals on photosensitizing medications: A few medications have the tendency to promote light sensitivity. It's necessary to have a session with a healthcare professional, especially if you consume such medications.

Possible Reactions and How to Mitigate Them:

Some individuals might experience a few minor to mild side effects from RLT application, like temporary redness or skin irritation. Usually, These reactions are quite short-lived, but they might be mitigated with the help of:

  • 1.Intensity adjustment during RLT sessions.

  • 2.Ensuring clean and free from all kinds of cosmetics or any liquid before treatment.

  • 3.Use of eyewear for the sake of protection; avoid any eye exposure to light.

The Importance of Using RLT Devices Correctly:

It's necessary to be aware of RLT device usage as per manufacturer instructions. Make sure to use it under the surveillance of a professional. Also, RLT usage for long durations or relatively high intensity might give spots to adverse effects.

All in all, Red Light Therapy offers various skin benefits, including enhanced collagen production and a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits. However, it's important to take into account side effects alongside its precautions, specifically for persons dealing with medical conditions or on serious medications that might trigger photosensitivity. Usage of RLT devices in a correct manner and under professional advisory and professional red light therapy device, when required, will help to ensure a safe experience.

The Rise of RLT in Beauty and Wellness Industries:

In recent years, Red Light Therapy has gained an immense popularity surge in the beauty industry. This surge is due to various factors. The first one is:

Successful RLT Marketing: RLT marketing is one of the distinct kinds of non-invasive, a rather safe procedure to beautify skin appearance. Many beauty businesses tend to promote RLT for the sake of the potential benefits it offers, like wrinkles reduction, collagen production, and a boost to skin radiance. It is quite often marketed as an alternative, or you can call it a complementary treatment to many traditional skincare routines.

The Role of RLT in Anti-Aging Treatments:

Red LED light therapy popularity has been fueled in the beauty industry as it plays a major role in anti-aging in order to maintain youthful skin with the help of non-invasive and non-surgical methods. Another benefit that makes it even more irresistible is its assistance in improving skin texture and elasticity. Nowadays, many spas and aesthetic clinics are offering this service as a part of their skin rejuvenation services.

The immensely growing popularity of red light therapy at home application devices has made them trendy and consumer-friendly with so much convenience. Consumers can now incorporate RLT into their skin routine on a daily basis. Plus, the affordability and accessibility factor has dramatized its usage, resulting in a drastic trend available to a wide range of customers.


In a nutshell, RLT comes with beneficial features resulting in boosted wellness and beauty acceleration as it is a non-invasive procedure. It improves overall skin health and helps as an anti-aging factor. However, it's essential to bust the myth that RLt procedures induce tanning. RLT works on different modes and does not generate unnecessary melanin.

It is crucial to understand the working effect and purpose behind the therapy to make a decision that is well-informed and purpose-intended. At the same time, RLT is suited to achieving specific skincare goals just like other procedures being done in the market, but it also induces distinct risks. It is recommended that patients should research beforehand for any procedure or light therapy before hoping to get one.

Safe and well-informed RLT procedure is crucial to ensure potential benefits that RLT can harvest to avoid any sort of misconception or healthcare concern. It is recommended to always contact a doctor or dermatologist to get advice or guidance on RLT application. After being satisfied, you may incorporate RLT into your skin regime.

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