Does Red Light Therapy Increase Estrogen?

Does Red Light Therapy Increase Estrogen?


Red Light Therapy (RLT) is becoming highly popular among patients because of its positive impact on their health. People could not identify its role in enhancing estrogen in the past years. However, due to awareness and positive results, people learned about its significance early in their lives. It is not an invasive treatment.

Due to this reason, anybody can avail of its advantages. There are two standard wavelengths of red and near-infrared lights that the red light therapy device uses. These are penetrable wavelengths and cross the skin barrier to target cellular bodies like mitochondria. After targeting these cellular bodies, these wavelengths stimulate functions that positively impact hormones like estrogen.

It is a critical female hormone that is significant for different reproductive functions in females. It maintains the female reproductive health, regulates menstrual cycles, and plays its part in menopause and pregnancy. Also, estrogen is a fundamental hormone for keeping our bones strong and protecting our hearts from cardiac problems.

Today, this post Bontanny will discuss the relationship between professional led light therapy machines and estrogen. There are still some myths regarding its impact on the hormone that we will address for you through our discussion. Let’s get started!


Red Light Therapy (RLT) involves red and near-infrared light wavelengths. We consider these wavelengths non-damageable to the skin and cellular bodies residing inside the skin. Due to this reason, since the 20th century, people have taken great interest in RLT. Also, when there were fewer technological advancements, people had a vivid idea about this method and its physiological benefits.

Today, we have tons of scientific evidence that backs up the benefits of professional red light therapy machine on our bodies. The base-level applications of RLT are quite perceivable and common. We can use it for enhancing skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery and growth, hair protection, pain relief, and other physiological improvements.


The Female Hormone Estrogen is among the most essential hormones in a female body. We study it in female reproductive health, where it has multiple roles. It regulates cholesterol levels and maintains bone density. Also, it regulates breast development after puberty and has a fundamental role in protecting our bones from possible problems. However, the level of estrogen does not always remain the same. Sometimes, there are harmful fluctuations in the natural level of this hormone.

One major downside of this can be irregularities in your period every month. Fertility and menopause issues due to fluctuating estrogen levels are common among the patients. Also, estrogen can make men experience erectile dysfunction, muscle weakening, and other physiological problems. There is no doubt that sometimes our environment and diet can disturb estrogen levels, leading to the abovementioned complications.

The Science Behind LED Red Light Therapy and Hormonal Regulation

 Mechanism of action of LED Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a photobiomodulation where we rely on different wavelengths of light to target cellular bodies and stimulate other organic body functions. There are special chromophores present in mitochondria that sense and capture these wavelengths and initiate different processes. We link RLT with mitochondrial stimulation, where there is a massive release of energy besides initiating other healing procedures. The tremendous amount of energy released through adenosine triphosphate, or ATP is essential for reducing internal inflammation and speeding up skin and wound healing processes. Also, different metabolic functions use this energy at an advanced level.

 Infrared Light Therapy and the Endocrine System

Now, we need to see how RLT influences our endocrine system. The reason why RLT stimulates hormones is because it targets our cells. These cells can be glands that can lead to the production of different types of hormones, including estrogen. It means there is more hormonal secretion in the body. Scientists are taking great interest in discovering the secrets of RLT in this regard. Research shows that RLT controls and regulates thyroid hormones, a significant part of the endocrine system. We cannot deny that estrogen is crucial for both males and females. Its roles in individual gender have been discussed at the beginning of our discussion. People with estrogen issues can be treated with RLT since it can stimulate its production and fix the pertinent problems if done professionally by the experts.

Direct Evidence: RLT and Estrogen Levels

 Current research findings

There is mixed perception of the relationship of RLT with estrogen stimulation. However, some findings show that RLT is beneficial in maintaining the optimum balance of estrogen in females.

Also, in cases of perimenopause and menopause, where patients struggle with different complications, RLT can be a huge asset. If we increase the production of estrogen through RLT, it can simultaneously influence the production of other hormones. Such findings prove that RLT is advantageous in stimulating and improving hormonal levels and treating hormonal issues.

However, experts in medical science still need to figure out the practical results of RLT to increase estrogen. They are still analyzing this relationship on factual grounds and looking for concrete evidence. For this reason, different experiments are going on at the individual level to establish this link with irrefutable proof.

 Limitations of existing research

You need not worry since we have evidence supporting this relationship. But still, the evidence needs to be more or validated by the experts in this field. Due to this reason, we cannot infer perceivable results from these findings at all. Some beliefs regarding infrared light therapy and estrogen still deeply prevail among patients and paramedics.

One of the two common beliefs is that manufacturers are just promoting their narrative, which is hollow. Another is that RLT does not comply with a patient's genetics, overall body nature, skin type, and other physiological parameters. These misconceptions have led to different myths among the disbelievers of RLT simultaneously.

Potential Implications

 Benefits of RLT-induced estrogen regulation

For Menopausal Women: Let’s assume, for a second, that RLT can help menopausal women with their problems. Then how would it do it? If we introduce these women to RLT, it will regulate their estrogen levels. Since it is non-invasive, no damage will be done to their skin and endocrine system. When estrogen is low in these women, they have to go through discomfort, emotional fluctuations, mood swings, and night sweats. RLT can reduce these problems and eradicate them from these women's lives by enhancing estrogen production in their bodies.

For Individuals with Estrogen-Related Disorders: A large group of people among us is dealing with estrogen-related disorders. But infrared light therapy can help fix them through a non-invasive therapeutic approach. The estrogen imbalances in our bodies are not new, but if they prevail, things can be pretty complicated for a person. Exposure to RLT enhances estrogen production and keeps optimum balance intact in our bodies. Due to this reason, problems like PCOS and estrogen dominance are easy to cure with the RLT method.

 Risks and Concerns

Overstimulation and Estrogen Dominance: A point comes in a female’s life where she can experience estrogen dominance and overproduction. Well, it is not something you would want to overlook. If left untreated, estrogen dominance can give you a tough time regarding health issues. You can experience bloating and menstrual irregularities in the worst-case scenario. These problems can be unbearable for some people. Owing to their worst health condition, they need a fast and reliable method to get relief. However, this is a common concern that comes with RLT. This scenario is bound to happen if RLT stimulates estrogen more than a certain level.

Interactions with Other Treatments or Conditions
: Some experts think that if we couple RLT with other medical treatments and clinical procedures, it can damage the patient. For instance, coupling them with RLT can negatively impact your health if you undergo hormone replacement therapy. Due to this reason, there are possible chances that RLT can amplify the impact of specific procedures that might not be bearable for sensitive patients. Therefore, when combining RLT with other methods, we have to be careful since it can lead to complications instead of doing any good to our physiological health.

Practical Applications

 Using RLT for Hormonal Balance: Dos and Don’ts

Recommended Dosage and Frequency: The recommended frequency of RLT is 5-6 times per week and should last for 20 minutes. However, it is not a thumb rule to follow. Some patients don't have to undergo RLT at this repetitive frequency since they can also start getting the results at a lower frequency. Therefore, the duration of RLT depends on the individual who needs caution from the expert’s end.

Precautions and Contraindications: We cannot exercise red light therapy device on patients with severe medical conditions. Take cancer, for example, or any other sensitive skin issue. RLT can be problematic for such patients; therefore, analyzing their medical history is crucial. In this way, we can see whether RLT will work for such patients.

 Integrating RLT into Holistic Health Practices

Combining with Other Therapies: RLT is better to give desired results if we couple it with other treatments. For instance, herbal remedies, skin therapies, and acupuncture methods. It is hard to derive positive outcomes from red light therapy device alone since it is a complementary method. We combine it with other treatments to enhance their impact and derive positive results.

Monitoring and Adjusting Treatment Based on Individual Needs: Even in the case of RLT, we cannot bind it to a one-fits-all approach. Every person needs a different approach regarding RLT. Some people don't need intense frequencies of this method, while others do. Therefore, we have to be careful while exposing patients to RLT. Without catering to their personal needs, RLT can also fail to provide them with the expected results.

Future Directions

 Areas for Further Research

Long-term Effects of RLT on Estrogen Levels: Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence that we can stimulate estrogen with the help of RLT. Therefore, a margin-left still indicates the need for further research. We should focus our future research on whether RLT is effective for estrogen modulation.

Potential Applications in Reproductive Health and Fertility: Some severe reproductive issues would be easy to treat if RLT proves effective for estrogen production. We will be able to cure women for their fertility issues and menstrual irregularities in a non-invasive and fruitful way. Therefore, the future of RLT can be made bright in terms of the vast applications of RLT in health and fertility.

 Technological Advancements in RLT

New Devices and Innovations: These days, the field of RLT is undergoing significant advancements on a technological basis. We can amplify its benefits with the help of the latest devices, RLT panels, and other crucial equipment needed for exercising this method. However, in the forthcoming times, there are chances that we will be able to increase the impact of RLT to quickly treat reproductive issues and help women with effective medical solutions for their problems.

 Improving Accessibility and Affordability

We still need to make RLT accessible for people from all walks of life. Some people don't try to avoid exposure to it mainly because it is unavailable in their region. Other than this, some people find it hard to afford RLT to fix their reproductive issues. It means we must devise ways to provide equal and guaranteed access to these patients to cure their medical problems in time. In this way, we can allow them to focus on their recovery and health revival as soon as possible.


There is no doubt that red light therapy at home is a reliable method, and it can make waves in medical science based on its benefits. People are becoming more aware of this method due to social media and its hype in the medical sector. It is a positive thing, and it should empower others to give it a shot to fix their health issues.

You were able to shed light on the critical aspects of red infrared light therapy and its influence on hormonal activity in the human body. We have discussed how it can stimulate estrogen and other hormones in men and women, making them more healthy regarding hormonal functions. RLT will be needed for future patients if we make it more accessible and regulate its clinical charges.

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