How to Choose a Red Light Therapy Device


How to Choose a Red Light Therapy Device

Are you having difficulty choosing the best red light therapy device? Bontanny guides you about aspects like treatment area size and FDA approval to make an informed decision.


Nowadays, red light therapy is attracting many people’s attention to improve their health and well-being. This therapy has appeared to be a revolutionary method for those who consider non-invasive treatments.

In this article, Bontanny will explore some of its benefits and will explain why it's popular in today’s market. If you are an experienced person or a beginner, this guide will help you with your red light therapy and health-related goals.

Understanding the Basics of Red Light Therapy

Red-light therapy uses a particular type of light waves for cellular treatment on the human body and is also called Photobiomodulation or low-level therapy. You should get basic information before you go through with the red light therapy for well-being.  

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

You might be wondering how the therapy works at a cellular level. It works by utilizing the power of wavelengths on a cleared near-red infrared light pattern. These waves spike into the skin and are absorbed by the powerhouses within the cells known as mitochondria. As soon as the mitochondria take up the red light, it improves the function of cells and enhances the productivity of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the main source of cell energy.

This increased production of ATP offers many positive effects on tissues and cells. This enhanced ATP also helps in repairing the damaged cells, decreases inflammation, and influences growth which heals tissues. As a result, this treatment has become popular for addressing a plethora of health problems. It can heal any type of condition including skin damage and alleviate the pain in muscles which boosts overall performance in the human body.

Different Wavelengths and Their Effects on the Body

The red light devices produce light at certain wavelengths, ranging from 600 to 850nm (nanometer).   Each wave within the range of 600 to 850 nm affects uniquely on muscles, also the desired outcome highly depends on the choice of the wavelength.  

  • Red Light (620-700 nm):When it comes to healing the skin damage problem, red light therapy works best to enhance collagen productivity, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate well-being.

  • Near-red infrared Light Therapy (700-850 nm):Near-infrared light goes deep into the skin and treats muscles related issues, such as pain and inflammation in the joint. Additionally, it plays a vital role in improving the metabolism system.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Red Light Therapy Device

Might be you are concerned about choosing the right therapeutic approach to help you heal more quickly. Make sure to make informed choices by considering the following factors:

1. Wavelength Range:
First differentiate between red and near-infrared wavelengths. The red light treatment is used to cure skin-related issues, whereas the near-red infrared light therapy heals the muscle's pain and inflammation issues. Make sure to choose the device wisely which provides a specific wavelength according to your desired outcome.

2. Treatment Area Size:You need to consider the size of the device you need for your targeted area. Several devices offer treatment for small areas, whereas others are large devices that provide whole-body treatment. Ensure the devices are according to the size of your wounded area.

3. Power Density:  If you want an effective therapy, the power density is an important feature to consider. Keep in mind that the density is measured in irradiance (mW/cm²). The high irradiance degree helps the light to reach deeply into the targeted points for effective healing. You should consider the device that promotes specific density for the required outcome.

4.Treatment Duration: Do not forget to ask about the duration of individual sessions. Most of the time a single session requires less than 20 minutes, so choose accordingly.

5. Device Safety:Another crucial factor is to look for the safety of a particular device. Check the approvals from the FDA, specific certifications, and features. The FDA-approved devices go through complete testing to ensure safety. The device should be certified by a reputable institute, e.g. UL or CE. In addition, to minimize the risk while using the device, you should make sure that the device has a timer or eye protection feature.

6. Portability and Design: The portability also helps you to use the device more conveniently while healing your targeted problem. The standalone devices are more convenient when it comes to full-body treatment, which has more modifiable stands for better positioning. If you want flexible devices, the handheld comes into play for targeting specific areas. Therefore, consider the positive and negative aspects of each device before booking a session.   

Features and Add-ons Worth Considering

While choosing LED light therapy, you should explore some additional factors that could improve your experience. Let’s discuss some most important factors:

1. Pulsed vs. Continuous Wave Modes:Many devices offer two wave options: pulsed or continuous modes. The pulsed mode promotes intervals while emitting light, which has benefits for particular treatments. In contrast, Continuous modes promote a constant light stream for treatments. It highly depends on you, whether you consider both modes or not. 

2.Built-in Timers and Automatic Shut-off:It is crucial to monitor the duration of each session and follow consistent therapeutic times. Moreover, at the end of each predefined session, the automatic shut-off feature provides extra safety on your device. 

3. Skin Sensors and Personalized Treatment Recommendations: Some devices may have skin sensors that can scan skin types and health conditions. Additionally, it can offer personal recommendations for healing wounds, and minimizing treatment according to your need.

4. Connectivity Features:The connecting feature is a crucial factor for controlling the device using an app on your mobile or tab. This remote-controlling system makes it easy for you to modify settings without causing a disturbance in treatment.

Popular Brands and Models

Nowadays, red light therapy devices are expanding continuously, and many brands have launched, each brand promoting a wide range of features. Here is an overview of a few well-known brands:


Joovv is known for its best-quality, full-body treatment products. They have a red-light and near-infrared red light wavelength, numerous sizes, and an easy-to-use control panel. The cost is highly depend on the size of the device.

Red Light Man:

The brand has a wide range of red light devices that are well-known for effective treatments. The devices are both handheld or full-body treatments which attract most of the user's positive reviews.


Bontanny offers easy-to-use devices for users who want to have treatments with red light therapy at home. Here are some of the factors why you should choose Bontanny:

1. FDA Class II registered:
All devices are registered with class- II FDA that meet specific safety needs and standards.   

2. Trusted by professionals:Many experts and peers trust Bontanny’s red-light device for treatments which is why they have a large amount of orders from experts.

3. Multiple product options:Multiple devices for therapy suit everyone’s requirements and budgets. These are the Portable series, Table Stand series, and Moving Pro series

There are many benefits of using a Bontanny professional light therapy machine such as reducing muscle pain, boosting blood flow, enhancing your skin, escalating mind clarity, minimizing sleep, and decreasing the signs of aging.

Looking for red light therapy at home or do you want to see red light therapy before and after clear differences? Consider buying Bontanny Table Stand Series Red Light for effective results.

Understanding Potential Side Effects and Precautions

You should be aware of different safety measures and effects to have a safe and beneficial experience. LED therapy is usually considered a safe treatment for healing health problems. However, many people have experienced temporary redness or dryness on the skin.

You should take small sessions with infrared light therapy devices to avoid this kind of situation and after some time you can increase the duration to have a better experience. Make sure to apply enough moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Who Should Avoid Red Light Therapy or Consult a Doctor Before Use:

Most people consider red light therapy a secure treatment, still, some people need to follow the precautions or can take advice from an expert before taking treatment.

1. During pregnancy, women should consult with a doctor before taking sessions or buying red lights for bedroom.

2. One who is taking photosensitizing medications or a skin cancer patient should avoid this kind of treatment.

3. People who are sensitive to light or those with certain type of conditions might not tolerate the effects of light.

Maximizing the Benefits of Red Light Therapy

If you want to get the most from your therapy and want to achieve maximum outcomes, follow these strategies:

The red light treatment can accompany other therapies, e.g. physical treatment, massage, or skincare habits. These combined therapies can improve your overall fitness.

Best Practices for Maintenance and Care of the Device:

Another crucial factor is to clean your device regularly. Follow the instructions guide to keep your device dust-free and check that the  LED is functioning properly. If you maintain the device prospering, it can expand the lifespan of our device and enhance performance.

Tips for Consistent and Effective Use:

To optimize the positive aspects of LED light treatment:

1. Follow a schedule and try to stick with the recommended duration for each session.

2. Make sure you use the device in a quiet and pleasant environment to have positive effects of treatment.

3. You should also consider wearing eye protection, according to the guidelines.

4. For well-being and effective outcomes, try to eat a balanced diet and go for exercise regularly.


To conclude, be sure to choose the right device to transform your poor health conditions into better ones. In addition, understand the effects it can cause and try to follow a complete guideline for safety and effective healing.

It is a good practice to research on your own and consider consulting with experts if you need to. Whenever you want to alleviate pain, and skin damage, and enhance well-being, consider red light therapy as an essential device in your toolkit.

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