Full Body Red Light Therapy Before And After

 Full Body Red Light Therapy Before And After



Because of the variety of benefits LED Red Light Therapy offers, it has been attracting a number of fields including health and fitness. This therapy potentially uses red light with low wavelength to cure skin issues, like wrinkles, persistent wounds, and marks among other symptoms and conditions.

Red Light full-body treatment includes treating full body or large body areas with the help of red light in a bed or chamber containing red light panels. This incredible therapy treats several issues which include skin problems, pain reduction, elimination of inflammation, and relaxation of joints and muscle tissues.

This article, Bontanny, will help you understand the potential effects of red light therapy before or after workout or full-body sessions. It sheds light on improvements and changes that one person may face after taking this treatment.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

1. Science Behind RLT

Red Light Therapy uses near-red and low infrared light therapy which emits wavelengths of certain levels. The wavelength of red light in RLT ranges between 630-660 nm and for near-IR light ranges between 810-850 nm. The mitochondria present in the cell of the body absorb these wavelengths and increase the effect of the biochemical process ultimately leading to better production of energy. This phenomenon is called photobiomodulation which helps in the rejuvenation and repairing of cells, enhances the production of ATP, decreases inflammation and soreness, and overall health of the body.

2. Historical Background

Infrared red light therapy originated at the start of the 1900s. However, it gained popularity and recognition later in the 1960s. Astronauts used red light in 1960 in space research to grow plants. After that, professional led light therapy machine evolved and started being used for treating health problems like curing wounds and relieving pains.  Over time, as the technology surfaced, the RLT also became advanced and used in various fields of life. These areas may include health, medical, sport, manufacturing, and cosmetics.

3. Current Applications In Health And Wellness

These days, Red Light Therapy offers a variety of benefits in a wide range of fields. RLT is significantly used for skin-related health, including eradicating wrinkles, acne, and scars. It also helps in reducing severe pain, particularly in people with muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis. Moreover, many researchers are studying the potential effect of RLT in improving the growth of hair, enhancing the healing process of wounds, treating mental illnesses like SAD, and reducing inflammation. The red light therapy device offers versatility in treating several health issues, making it a captivating choice in the wellness and health realm.

Preparing For Full Body Red Light Therapy

1. Candidate Sustainability

People who are suffering from difficulties like muscle recovery, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation can greatly benefit from going through Red Light Therapy. But it is always best to look for its counter effects to stay safe. People should always consider visiting a skin specialist before taking any sessions, especially people with certain skin conditions or photosensitivity. Patients with cancer history or pregnant women must always visit the medical advisors and have a thorough check-up if they want RLT.

2. Pre-Therapy Considerations

There are a few things that you have to be considerate about, your skin should be cleaned and may not have any product on your skin that may reflect the light or block it from going into your skin. It is very necessary that you have eyewear and you should be in comfortable clothing for comfortable therapy. For the best treatment, your skin should be hydrated. You should not be wearing any metal object or jewelry that touches the skin.

3. Setting Expectations

To have reality-based expectations is necessary. The results from the Red Light Therapy are not seen immediately as they require different sessions that may vary from weeks to months. The result can very much be different based on the person, as every person is not the same. For balanced results, regular sessions are recommended.

Experience; Red Light Therapy Before And After

The Process Of Full Body RLT

A general RLT full-body session includes the following points:

  • The rooms specialized for RLT must be filled with panels of red light.
  • The area of the skin should be exposed for what you are getting treated.
  • Based on your treatment and the setup, position yourself either standing up or lying down.
  • The maximum time you may be spending in one session would be 10-20 minutes.
  • Your body will feel like bathing in the light, emitting near-infrared wavelengths.

Sensations And Immediate Responses

The person does not feel any pain but a moderate pressure of heat over the skin and there is nothing to be scared of while having treatment. It relaxes you. After you are done with your therapy you may notice a glow on your skin and it feels better than before as many others experienced. You may notice any distant effect or subtle change but the overall result will take some time to show.

Before And After: Assessing The Changes

Short-Term Effects

People can see the immediate results after getting the red light therapy machine full-body session. These results include a relaxed feeling, reduction in rashness, and improvement in overall skin. Some people may experience sudden relief from pain or a warm feeling in the areas that are treated. However, not every person can experience the same short-term effects. It significantly varies from person to person.

Long-Term Benefits

You can see quite intriguing benefits with the daily use of LED light therapy. It significantly reduces wrinkles, and fine lines, heals scars, eradicates pigmentation, treats acne, and enhances the complexion, and overall skin health.
As far as pain relief and muscle recovery are concerned, people may experience extraordinary reduction in soreness, and inflammation, alleviation in severe pain, and faster recovery of tissues and muscles after an operation or harsh exercise.
Well, users can only experience these long-term effects if they consistently use the appropriate and recommended treatment for a certain period.

Case Studies And Testimonials

Reviews, feedback, and real-life examples can provide great detailed insights. For example, athletes and professional players may share their experiences of fast and steady recovery times after using RLT, or people with skin problems may have noticeable changes in their overall skin health. These examples and experiences demonstrate the effect of RLT better.

Safety And Side Effects

Potential Risks

Red Light Therapy is a safe treatment overall. But it may cause serious issues if not used with precautions. It may cause eye damage if the eyes are not properly covered with eyewear during the session.  

Similarly, people with sensitive skin may also suffer skin rashness and irritation if exposed to red light for a longer period or with greater intensity. Not to mention, overuse of infrared red light also leads to potential health risks. Therefore, it is always advised to take precautionary measures before undergoing any RLT session.

Steps to Reduce Risks

For a safer experience of Red Light Therapy full-body sessions, it's crucial to

  • Always use an RLT device for the recommended period as per treatment requirements.
  • Do not forget to wear protective eyewear.
  • Start with less time-consuming sessions and slowly enhance the duration as recommended.
  • Make an appointment with a healthcare professional before going through RLT if you suffer from photosensitivity, take any medicines, or have any other problem.
  • Make sure the device of RLT is always sterilized, clean, and adhere to safety standards

Though RLT is safe, it doesn't hurt to take precautionary measures for safer use and all these steps can help you get better out of your RLT full-body sessions.

Compared with Other Therapies

1. RLT Vs. Other Skincare And Wellness Treatments

The fewer side effects and the incredible nature of Red light therapy full body sessions are the main features that make it different and most popular as compared to various other treatments. Red Light Therapy like laser therapy or chemical peels does not touch the skin which means it cannot cause any skin damage and will not become an obstacle in the process of skin recovery. While the effect of RLT is slow and subtle as compared to other harsh treatments. Do red light therapy at home and it is not as costly as other therapy. Other therapies require more cost within a short period but red light therapy is quite affordable.

Consider buying a BONTANNY red light therapy device that emits both red and near-infrared light. We designed it to alleviate pain, promote muscle and joint relaxation, and enhance blood circulation. It boasts a pulsed function, timer, mode switching, and a 270° free movement capability. Your purchase includes a user manual, power cable, and safety goggles for your convenience

2. Integrating RLT Into A Holistic Wellness Routine

One can also add full-body Red Light Therapy to their wellness routine. The integration of professional led light therapy machine with other physical therapies to treat skin, physical, and mental health significantly enhances the overall result. Moreover, infrared light therapy also improves the sleep cycle, exercise effect, and wellness when RLT is used with daily exercise and a balanced diet.


Red Light Therapy treatment for full-body provides a transformative potential for several aesthetic and health concerns. Because of its non-invasive feature, it keeps gaining popularity.

Well, it is important to consult with an expert physician before starting any RLT treatment, particularly for people with certain health concerns or conditions.