Red Light Therapy After Filler

Red Light Therapy After Filler

Cosmetic fillers come to the surface as an effective way to enhance facial appearance and reduce aging signs. Red Light Therapy on the other hand also gained attention as a complementary treatment for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. RLT is known for its ability to enhance skin health and speed up the healing process after fillers.

Let’s take a look at how red infrared light therapy affects the fillers, its benefits, and overall user experience.

Overview Of Fillers

Types Of Fillers: Temporary Vs. Permanent

Cosmetic fillers are categorized into permanent and temporary types. Each type of filler is specially designed to be used for a specific aesthetic preference and goals.

Temporary fillers comprise calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, and poly-L-lactic acid. These filters are commonly used for their ability to give natural results. They smooth the wrinkles, increase the contours of your face, and give a bouncy look to the affected area of the face.

The permanent filler contains durable material that lasts long on your face and comes with fewer or no risks.

Common Areas Of Application

Fillers are used in multiple areas of the face to enhance its appearance. Most commonly filler is used to increase the volume of your cheeks, minimizing eye bags, and plumping lips. The meticulous integration of fillers in your face gives it a more refreshed and youthful look.

How Fillers Work And Their Longevity

Fillers work by adding volume in the desired area of the face to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Various factors determine the filler’s longevity. These factors include the filler type, treated areas, and the metabolism system of the person.

Temporary fillers basically last for about 6-24 months varying from person to person. Whereas, permanent fillers as the name suggests last forever.

The Role Of Red Light Therapy In Post-Filler Care

Introduction To Red Light Therapy

RLT offers a ton of health benefits. The ability of professional LED light therapy machine to boost the natural healing process and improve skin tone significantly helps in the care of fillers. Red Light Therapy refers to a non-invasive treatment. It uses low-level red infrared light at a certain range of wavelength (850 nm red light therapy or 660 nm red light therapy) to give therapeutic effects.

RLT significantly increases the wound healing process, encourages collagen production, and reduces inflammation. All of these properties make RLT an ideal option for people looking to enhance their filler's effect without hurting the material.

Misconceptions And Concerns

Although LED light therapy is considered a safe treatment. But still, people have their concerns about the interaction of light with the fillers. They fear that RLT may dissolve the material of the fillers.

Well, there is no solid evidence or scientific conclusion which supports this idea. Red Light Therapy does not generate intense energy or heat that affects the integrity of the fillers.

Theoretical Perspective On LET's Effect

If we see theoretical data on the effect of professional LED light therapy machine, it shows that RLT efficiently improves the skin health and healing process. It encourages the production of cellular energy by targeting directly on mitochondria. The process results in enhanced cell repair, increased production of collagen, and reduced inflammation. All of these play a crucial role in the recovery of skin from post-fillers. The working principle of Red Light Therapy does not have direct interaction with the filler materials, which ensures the integrity and longevity of fillers.

Scientific Evidence And Expert Opinions

Summary Of Studies

There is not much scientific data on the impact of RLT on the efficiency and longevity of the fillers. But the current studies believe that LED light therapy does not impact the integrity of filler materials and ensures their durability.

The research on this topic is ongoing but available data supports the idea that red light therapy device increases the healing process of skin after getting fillers without affecting the materials.

Dermatologists And Cosmetic Surgeons’ Views

Multiple cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists back up the safe incorporation of Red Light Therapy after getting fillers. Most professionals believe that Red Light Therapies service is a complementary method. As it helps speed up the healing process and improve skin health. Experts agree on the fact that red light therapy for face does not dissolve the material of the filler present in your face, instead, it helps them to stay put.

Practical Advice For Combining RLT With Fillers

The combination of infrared red light Therapy and Fillers would offer great skin health benefits. But it is crucial to use both treatments with some guidelines and caution.

Guidelines For Safe Use

 1. Consultation With Professionals

Consult with your cosmetic surgeon before adding Red Light Therapy into your care routine of fillers. The consultation can give you personalized advice as per your skin condition, filler types, and health goals.

 2. Timing Considerations

Timing plays a crucial role in using infrared red light  Therapy after fillers. It is advised to wait for a while after getting fillers. Then start your RLT sessions once you feel that fillers are settled properly. This resting time will help you enjoy the benefits of both cosmetic treatments.

 3. Observation of Treatment Areas

When you undergo an RLT session, closely observe the treated areas. Although LED red light Therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment, you still need to note how your skin reacts to the RLT after getting fillers.

Precautions And Recommendations

 1. Selecting Qualified Providers

Always get your treatment done by an expert and qualified professional. A professional who has knowledge of both RLT and Fillers can give you a safe and effective treatment.

 2. Open Communication

Do not skip a single skincare routine when consulting with your doctor about getting RLT after fillers. This way the provider can better understand your skin condition and plan the treatment accordingly.

 3. Follow Post-Treatment Instructions

Consistently follow the skincare routine even after the treatment. This ensures the integrity and longevity of your fillers.


Red Light Therapy significantly helps in improving skin health after getting fillers. RLT improves overall skin health and increases the recovery process. It does not interact with the material of fillers and, therefore, cannot dissolve them. Instead, LED red light helps maintain the integrity of fillers so they last the longest.

Consultation with a professional is crucial for a safe treatment plan. So before starting red light therapy device Therapy after fillers, ask for guidance from an expert. They will help you to use RLT in a better way without affecting the fillers.

The Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device has benefits for the skin, such as promoting collagen production. Also, red light therapy for face helps to dissolve filler. It's important to consult a qualified healthcare professional for advice on the use of red light therapy for specific purposes, such as dissolving filler.