What are the 5 Types of Light Therapy?

What are the 5 Types of Light Therapy?


Light therapy using LED lights is one non-surgical procedure that uses particular frequency to cater to multiple health and beautification issues. Cosmetics and medical both fields use this procedure to get maximum benefits. This light therapy provides the most efficient solutions to concerns like wound healing, seasonal disorders, skin treatments, or reducing aging signs.

Whether you need to get LED light therapy for skin treatment, wound healing, seasonal affective disorder, or reducing aging, you will find the best results for your treatment.

Red Light Therapy

In order to enhance overall skin health or relieve pain, red light therapy works with 630-670 nm frequency. This  red infrared procedure penetrates deep into the skin to activate mitochondria in skin cells, which improve collagen production and skin healing.   

● Skin Health

Red light therapy boosts collagen production, which helps improve skin texture by reducing signs of aging. This contributes to achieving firm, more elastic, and healthy skin with a visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

● Pain Reduction

This infrared red light therapy is helpful for athletes as it relieves pain, specifically muscle spasms. It improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation in the body, which promotes speedy recovery.

● Wound Healing

Red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin and prompts the healing process. This deep penetration stimulates the skin’s repairing process and improves blood flow in the target area.

● Acne and Psoriasis Treatment

With its skin healing property, infrared red light therapy treats psoriasis and acne and reduces redness. It treats the underlying cause of skin concerns, which is inflammation. Less inflammation means improved cell production of skin and overall healthy skin.

In general, red light therapy puts forward countless benefits, such as wound healing, pain relief, improved skin health, and reduced skin inflammation.

The Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device is a small and versatile portable red light therapy device for in-home use. It emits red and near-infrared light to reduce pain, relax muscles and joints, and improve blood circulation.This professional LED light therapy machine is fully equipped with top-quality optical parameters and excellent power efficiency, resulting in a wide treatment coverage area with uniformly distributed light. Red light therapy device has a table stand and thus does not require any fixed mounting.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy utilizes 400-495 nm frequency to cater to various skin and health concerns.  

● Acne Treatment

Blue light therapy specifically treats harmful skin bacteria to cure acne without damaging the skin microbiome. This procedure is most effective in treating acne and improves overall skin health.

● Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

This treatment helps to normalize mood and regulates biological rhythms to manage SAD. Blue light also helps relieve mood disorders related to SAD.

● Mood Stabilization

Blue light therapy impacts the natural sleep cycle of the human body, which leads to reduced depression and improves overall mood. It normalizes biorhythm, which is essential for optimal sleep patterns and emotional health.

● Insomnia Treatment

Blue light therapy treats sleep disorders by regulating biorhythm. It helps to maintain a natural sleep cycle, which further leads to quality sleep and overall mood enhancement.

This therapy provides a nonsurgical procedure to treat SAD, acne, insomnia, and depression with the help of specific frequency to improve mental health and overall skin.

UV Light Therapy

UV therapy uses a frequency of 290-320 nm to target multiple skin concerns and provide therapeutic benefits.

● Psoriasis Treatment

UV light therapy helps to treat psoriasis with reduced skin inflammation and less production of defective cells of the skin. This helps reduce psoriatic patches and

 provides spotless, healthy skin.  

● Eczema Relief

UV light therapy reduces inflammation and itching to treat eczema. UVB light is anti-inflammatory, relieving skin irritation and providing visible relief to eczema patients.

● Vitiligo Management

UVB light therapy helps restore skin pigmentation in vitiligo. It promotes melanocytes, which cause skin color and help reduce skin discoloration. 

UV light therapy treats skin concerns like vitiligo, eczema, and psoriasis. With the help of specific wavelengths, this procedure slows down the production of defective skin cells and inflammation and helps restore pigmentation.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy penetrates into the skin with the help of 700 nm frequency to relieve pain and improve healing.

● Tissue Healing

The infrared light penetrates deep into skin cells. This procedure improves the repair mechanism of skin cells and boosts blood flow and the healing process in target areas.

● Pain Relief

Infrared light therapy relieves chronic joint pains. It reduces inflammation and improves blood flow in target areas. This is beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain and arthritis.

● Athletic Performance

Infrared light therapy improves the recovery and performance ratio of athletes. It speeds up the recovery process, reduces joint and muscle pain, and enhances their overall performance.

● Metabolism Stabilization

This therapy counterbalances metabolism,  improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation. Eventually, it leads to an energy boost and optimal health.

Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy uses 495-570 nm frequency to target multiple medical conditions and overall health improvement.

● Migraine Treatment

Using green LED light on a regular basis relieves the adversity of migraines. Green light has a soothing effect on relieving pain and reducing related symptoms.

● Anxiety Reduction

Due to its soothing effect, green light promotes mind relaxation and helps to relieve anxiety issues. Basically, it helps to improve overall mental health.

● Skin Improvement

Green light therapy helps in improving overall skin health. It reduces hyperpigmentation and other signs of aging, leaving the skin spotless, even, and soft.

Green light therapy provides non-surgical procedures to reduce anxiety and migraines and improves overall health. It is an absolutely multifaceted therapy for cosmetic and medical concerns.

Comparative Analysis and Considerations

Light therapy of different types serves specific purposes and caters to particular areas. To get maximum benefits from these therapies, the following is given their detailed comparison:

Red Light Therapy

1. Skin Health: LED red light increases collagen production, which improves overall skin health and reduces aging effects. Red light therapy device offers both 850 nm red light therapy or 600 nm red light therapy.
2. Pain Relief: Infrared red light lessens the pain in muscles and joints, which helps treat severe pain in athletes.
3. Wound Healing: It also speeds up the healing process and increases the blood circulation in the affected area.

Blue Light Therapy

1. Acne Treatment: Blue Light Therapy particularly prevents the growth of bacteria that cause acne. This leads to clear and healthy skin without disturbing underlying tissue health.
2. Mood Stabilization: It also lifts up mood, prevents SAD, regulates heartbeat, and improves the overall sleep cycle.
3. Insomnia Treatment: With improved sleep cycle nature, blue light therapy effectively treat insomnia.

UV Light Therapy

1. Psoriasis: UV Light Therapy prevents the skin from defective cell growth, which reduces inflammation. This automatically reduces psoriasis patches on the skin.
2. Eczema: The reduced inflammation and itchiness in the skin gives relief to severe eczema conditions.
3. Vitiligo: It promotes melanocytes in the skin, which triggers repigmentation. Thus, it helps restore skin and even skin color.

Infrared Light Therapy

1. Tissue Healing: It penetrates deeply into the skin tissue, which promotes skin repair and healing.
2. Pain Reduction: IR Light Therapy helps reduce pain by improving blood circulation. This reduces inflammation in the affected area, which minimizes severe pain.
3. Athletic Performance: Infrared Light Therapy increases skin repair and reduces pain and inflammation, which significantly helps athletes perform better in the field.

Green Light Therapy

1. Migraine Relief: It helps in treating severe migraine by calming the nervous system.
2. Anxiety Reduction: Green Light Therapy provides a soothing and calming effect to the brain. This helps lower anxiety in patients and improves overall mental health.
3. Skin Improvement: This therapy also treats hyperpigmentation and gives a uniform skin look.


1. Safety Guidelines: For any type of Light treatment, make sure to follow the device's safety guidelines. Precautionary measures protect you from unwanted burns and severe health problems later.
2. Scientific Support: Always check the scientific evidence and do research about the safety and effectiveness of the Light therapy before choosing it.
3. Consultation: Expert advice will always be of much help, specifically when you undergo therapy. So consult your doctor first before undergoing any light treatment.

Every single light therapy is designed to treat special health conditions. A through analysis and deep understanding of each light therapy helps you make the right decisions while choosing light therapy that suits your health needs.


Light Therapy provides various health benefits by addressing multiple issues. RLT uses a different range of wavelengths to treat multiple skin issues and reduce pain in different areas of the body. However, it is crucial to always be mindful while choosing a red light therapy device. Check whether the device caters to your specific needs or not. Also, don’t forget to consult with a physician before undergoing any therapy.

The BONTANNY red light therapy device emits both red and near-infrared light. We designed it to alleviate pain, promote muscle and joint relaxation, and enhance blood circulation. Red light therapy device boasts a pulsed function, timer, mode switching, and a 270° free movement capability. Your purchase includes a user manual, power cable, and safety goggles for your convenience.

It is strongly advised to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before acquiring and using any red light therapy device to ensure it aligns with your needs and goals.