Can I Use a Regular Red Light Bulb for Red Light Therapy?

Can I Use a Regular Red Light Bulb for Red Light Therapy?


Skincare and health awareness are increasing day by day, which makes people opt for multiple treatments. Here, red infrared therapy comes as a handy treatment that captures people's attention because of its multiple benefits. The treatment involves a multiple range of wavelengths that get into the skin and activate the cells to start healing. It is a non-invasive and safe treatment whose wavelength ranges from 630-670 and 81-880 nm to enter the skin. These wavelengths are perfect to make your skin glow and start the healing process.

Bontanny introduces top-notch quality red light therapy devices that serve many people with skin and pain issues. The devices have a range of wavelengths to produce light and enter the skin. However, the RLT devices are well-renowned and guarantee the best result on consistent usage.

The Limitations of Regular Red Light Bulbs

Red light bulbs can never take the place of red infrared therapy. It also has multiple advantages, but its usage and mechanism are quite different from others. The major difference between both devices is the wavelength range. The body needs a wavelength range of 630 to 670 nm and 810 to 880 nm to start working in the body. This wavelength will enter deeply into the cells to treat the issue and start producing effects for it.

The infrared red light bulbs are not as effective in producing the light that the therapy actually needs in the body. All therapeutic devices have the main goal of nourishing the body by making it heal from its defective areas. The specific light of a specific wavelength enters the body to work on tissues and skin cells. However, the bulb light is not as essential as the red light, so it might not be effective for healing purposes.

Advantages of Using Specialized Devices

There are many devices that offer red light treatments. Such devices come with multiple benefits because of the wavelengths that hit the target and produce healthy results. Cellular activity, when getting the right treatment, will start producing collagen, relieve pain, and decrease inflammation. All these advantages will be easier to find in the Bontanny infrared red light therapy device. They are made of durable material and have guaranteed results. They produce the wavelength that the body requires and give therapeutic results. The best part about Bontanny devices is they have adjustable settings for timing and safety. The consumer can set the treatment length based on their requirements. Bontanny's light devices showcase the optimum results upon consistent usage like any other device.

Safety and Effectiveness

Safety Considerations for Home Use

Red light treatment affects the skin and body organs in a positive way. Therefore, to make the output positive, you need to follow the guidelines that make your treatment safe and secure. Initially, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions about how to use the device and how much to use it.

Learn all the issues that might appear during the treatment and can happen, like allergies and skin irritation. The wavelength of the device is high, so you need to cover your eyes while treating your skin with it. Devices can be of 850 nm red light therapy or 600 nm red light therapy. Usually, all the devices come with goggles to protect your eyes.

Another safety guideline includes the device's handling and maintenance. Make sure you clean the device and place it high after usage. Switch off the device after every use, and read all the guidelines before starting it.

Consult the doctor if you feel any irritation and notice any bump or redness on your skin.

Effectiveness of Professional vs Home-Use Devices

The red light therapy machine that professional setups use have high voltage and require power outputs. The red light therapy at home devices are easy to use and don't cost you enough power and money. In clinics, the staff is trained enough to operate the devices and treat the patient according to his requirements. At the same time, home-based devices recently came into the market and cover a large user range. They are not as professional as clinics but are safe and have friendly interfaces. On consistent usage, home-based devices give the best long-term results, so they are more convenient and go-to for many people.

Bontanny's Devices: Meeting Safety Standards and Ensuring Effectiveness     

All the devices that Bontanny provides to its customers are made with premium quality. They aim for the protection and efficacy of their customer and treatment. The devices go through multiple tests before being introduced into the market. They follow all the safety guidelines and meet the consumer and market perspective. Bontanny's infrared light therapy devices come with time, cooling, and adjustments so that users can customize their experiences to their preferences. The red light therapy devices by Bontanny produce the light that hits the main target and gives significant results. Such devices with the appropriate light intensity will enter deeply into your skin and promote the healthy repairment of skin cells. The manufacturers advise users to use it consistently to get the desired results.

Bontanny's Red Light Therapy Solutions

For multiple treatments, Bontanny offers multiple devices. LED light therapy devices are one of the popular ones and come in multiple types. You will have handheld, targeted, and full-body devices to get them according to your treatment needs. All the products are durable, easy to use, and produce guaranteed results.

Tailored For Maximum Therapeutic Benefits

The infrared light therapy device from the Bontanny is the prime one for getting the max benefit for your skin and muscles. The wavelengths of precise range are the ultimate feature of the LED light therapy devices that hit the target and start the healing process within no time. The wavelength control makes it easy for users to opt the device and work the skin treatment at home.

Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device with Pulsed Function offers many customization features like an inbuilt cooling system, light adjustment, and overheating adjustment, which prioritize user safety. They have timers, auto switches, and easy design so the user can customize the experience on his own.

BONTANNY professional LED light therapy machines emit red and near-infrared light to decrease pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. They stimulate cellular energy, reduce joint pain and inflammation, relax sore muscles/joints, and increase blood flow.


The type of device and its manufacturer are important for the treatment efficacy and results. If the LED red light bulbs are being used in the treatment, then there will be no guaranteed results because of the red bulbs' low light intensity. For the best therapeutic effect, a specific range of wavelength is required that makes the cells activate and start healing. The Bontanny red light therapy device comes with a sleek interface and customization offered so that users can have what they want and make the treatment up to their expectations.

We welcome our customers to visit our Bontanny's website so that they can make informed decisions about LED red light. We offer a wide range of full spectrum led light therapy machine that will meet your needs and increase your therapeutic aims more.


Why are red bulbs of regular standard not fit for the red light therapy devices?

The professional LED light therapy machine treatment requires specific wavelengths of about 670-670 nm. Bontanny offers you 850 nm red light therapy or 600 nm red light therapy devices. The red light bulbs of regular standards do not produce enough wavelength; therefore, they are not beneficial for treatment.

Do red light bulbs have specific risks when used in red light therapy devices?

The red light bulbs are not harmful for the red light therapy treatment. They are useful for other therapeutic purposes but will produce no or less effect in RLT treatment. That's why using the right bulbs for the treatment is necessary. It will not cost you time and money but will show effective results.

How do BONTANNY devices help with pain relief?

BONTANNY devices emit red and near-infrared light that penetrates deep into the tissues, reducing pain by relaxing muscles and joints and increasing blood circulation. This light therapy helps to stimulate cellular energy, which aids in the healing process and reduces inflammation, thereby alleviating pain effectively.

Can BONTANNY devices be used for both muscle relaxation and joint pain?

Yes, BONTANNY devices are designed to address both muscle relaxation and joint pain. The red and near-infrared light they emit helps to relax sore muscles and joints by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. This dual action not only soothes muscle tension but also alleviates joint discomfort, making it a versatile solution for overall pain relief.