How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy?

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy?

The medical industry is evolving rapidly with the development of advanced medical equipment and the latest treatment methods. Red Light Therapy is a widely used treatment for curing many health issues. RLT uses a beam of near-IR or low-level red light to treat skin-related problems and various health issues.

The working principle of RLT revolves around the ray of light that penetrates through the skin at a fixed wavelength, stimulating cellular activity and improving its functionality. This leads to enhanced production of collagen, reduced inflammation, and boosts the recovery process of wounds in the skin.

Red Light Therapy is frequently used and widely known for its benefits. Apart from treating skin-related issues, RLT also reduces severe pains, calms your mental health, and reduces the risk of getting anxiety and depression.

However, it is important to understand each aspect of Red Light therapy before using it. Several factors positively determine the effectiveness of RLT. The number of Red Light Therapy sessions is one of the major elements to get maximum benefits out of it.

In this article, Bontanny will delve into the details of the science behind Red light therapy at home, its effectiveness, benefits, and necessary precautions about when and how much to take RLT sessions.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

1. The Science Behind RLT

(i) How It Works At The Cellular Level

The working principle of Red Light Therapy is quite simple. It uses near-infrared or low-level red light. It penetrates through the skin of patients within 8-10 mm depth. The light then stimulates several cellular activities, and rejuvenates cells, especially aiming at mitochondria. When the light hits the cells, it activates the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, an energy source. Moreover, Red Light therapy also encourages the production of oxygen which helps in homeostasis and signaling of cells. When cells continuously improve the metabolism of cells and reduce toxic oxidized stress, it ultimately produces a curing effect for the skin. This includes a reduction in pain, inflammation, and tissue repair.

(ii) The Spectrum Of Light Used In RLT

Red Light Therapy uses light at a specific range of wavelengths depending on the type of skin and treatment. Generally, the range of light spectrum in RLT ranges between 600-1000 nm. While some treatments undergo wavelengths of 630-680 and some 660-880 nm. Ultraviolet light is very sensitive which could cause serious health problems when exposed to the skin for a longer time at a high rate. Therefore, experts have specially selected this certain range of wavelength as it is safe and does not cause any health issues.

2. Historical Background

(i) Development And Evolution Of RLT

Red Light Therapy has a long history. It first originated at the start of the 1900s. A Faroese-Danish physician, Nield Finsen first performed light therapy. He was even awarded a Nobel Prize for his amazing work on implementing light therapy. With time, light therapy gained the attention of laser experts, and in the 1960s, an effective series of light therapies was started.

In the 1990s, low-level laser treatment surfaced to relieve pain and treat wounds. Over the years, the same treatment got advanced and is now called Red Light Therapy. Its highly accessible features and effective way of treating make it one of the most popular treatments in the medical world.

(ii) Current Status In Medical And Wellness Communities

Red Infrared Light Therapy has always been a center of attention in the medical realm since its birth. Over time, several studies and research have been conducted on RLT. All these studies showed positive results of its effectiveness and efficiency in treating health issues. Due to its high efficiency and non-invasive treatment approach, many areas of medicine that are skin-sensitive started investing in it. Physiotherapy, dermatology, and other sensitive health departments are currently using RLT effectively. These days, special RLT devices have been made for home use which made the treatment more feasible and effective for many patients. Whereas, researchers are still constantly researching different aspects of Red Light Therapy to get the best out of it.

Red light therapy benefits

1. Red light therapy for face

RLT is widely used in treating skin-related issues due to its highly effective generation of collagen and enhancing cellular activities in the skin. It helps in treating harsh acne, reduces the inflammation around the skin, prevents it from getting scars, and improves the overall health of the skin. Red Light Therapy also helps in reducing aging effects like fine lines and wrinkles and improves the complexion and elasticity of skin.  Not only this, it also prevents pigmentation on the skin.

2. Muscle Recovery And Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy shows promising outcomes in the recovery of muscles and tissues. It enhances the production of ATP and reduces oxidative stress. This significantly helps in decreasing muscle soreness and fatigue and fastens the healing process. RLT not only recovers muscles but also relieves pain. Its efficiency of reducing inflammation and fasting the healing process enables it to be an effective solution for relieving pain from health issues like neuropathy and arthritis.

3. Mental Health Benefits

Red Light Therapy offers quite effective benefits in improving mental health. Several studies prove that RLT potentially reduces the symptoms of mood-related issues like anxiety and depression. RLT stimulates hormonal balance and modulates the chemistry of the brain. Moreover, RLT also gives a calming and relaxing experience and regulates the heartbeat which helps enhance the quality of sleep.

Determining The Right Frequency Of Professional Led Light Therapy Machine

1. Factors Influencing RLT Frequency

Several factors determine the frequency of RLT sessions. These factors include the nature of the treatment, the type of patient's skin, skin sensitivity, and specific health goals. The number of led light therapy sessions may vary from person to person depending on these factors. The frequency may differ for a person who wants to brighten up their skin and a person who wants to relieve pain.

Similarly, the type of condition and severity also play an important role in determining the frequency of RLT sessions. Some may need less and some need more depending on severity and effectiveness. Also, people who have sensitive skin might undergo fewer sessions as compared to people who have normal skin.

2. General Guidelines For RLT Frequency

Generally, it is recommended to start home red light therapy with fewer sessions per week to see the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, the skin should adapt gradually to avoid any adverse effects. Use it 3 to 4 times in one week. Once your skin is adapted to the process, you can increase the frequency of the sessions as per your demands and feasibility. As the outcomes of RLT vary from person to person, some people may find one session a week beneficial, whereas others may find better results with daily use.

Maximizing The effectiveness of Infrared Light Therapy

1. Combining RLT With Other Treatments

Red Light Therapy is a very effective treatment approach. However, its effectiveness and efficiency increase when it is incorporated with other skincare treatments and routines. Similarly, it also shows quite efficient results when incorporated with physical exercises and therapies to relieve pain, enhance the mobility of joints, and improve the overall functionality of the person.

2. Lifestyle Consideration

The incorporation of lifestyle habits and routines with RLT also enhances its effectiveness. For instance, the incorporation of a hydration plan and balanced diet in your daily routine while using RLT significantly improved skin condition and enhanced cellular activity. Not only this, if you are using red light therapy before and after to improve sleep and relaxing mental state, then adopting healthy practices like calming exercises before and after bed significantly shows quite promising results in overall well-being.

Safety And Precautions

1. Understanding Potential Risks

Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive approach and is considered one of the safest treatment methods. However, it is still advised to be cautious and follow certain guidelines to avoid any adverse incident. The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body. Therefore, it needs to be covered with suitable and effective eyewear to avoid eye damage. Also, people with skin sensitivity are advised to see the after-effects of the RLT and report immediately if they find any symptoms like irritation, redness, or rashes on the skin.

2. Guidelines To Avoid Side Effects

There is a specific reason for setting certain wavelengths of light and duration of RLT sessions. The Infrared rays can be harmful if exposed to the body for a longer time and it may lead to severe damage. Therefore, it is always better to read the guidelines and follow them properly before using RLT. Also, consulting with your doctor before implementing RLT is essential to see whether it is safe for you or not.

Advanced Considerations For Red Light Therapy At Home

1. Latest Research And Developments

Red Light Therapy has become a vast field that is evolving with every passing day. Several studies and research are still undergoing to explore different aspects of RLT and its application in other fields of life. While some researchers are finding new ways to implement RLT in other medical areas.

2. Customizing RLT Treatments

Red Light Therapy machine for home usage allow people to customize their treatment needs as per their preferences. Also, these professional led light therapy machine give more efficient and effective treatment options with custom features which are often neglected by most physicians. Red Light Therapy allows you to give you a treatment in your comfort zone at home at an intensity where you feel safe and calm. These custom options of frequency, intensity, and duration significantly enhance the overall results of the treatments as per your liking.


The Red Light Therapy device has been giving promising health outcomes since last century. RLT is a non-invasive approach that uses low red lights to penetrate the skin at a certain wavelength and stimulates cellular activity.

Bontanny’s Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device is useful to relieve pain, recover muscles, reduce inflammation, treat acne, and deal with mental health issues. Several research studies show that it is the safest treatment approach but that does not mean you can use it anytime.

The duration and intensity of RLT sessions vary depending on several factors like the patient’s condition, type of skin, and severity of the issue. Also, the duration of RLT sessions varies from person to person as each person has different problems and sensitivity levels.

One can easily enhance the overall effect of RLT when it incorporates other lifestyle routines like regular exercise, a balanced diet, calming practices, etc. Do you want to buy a professional led light therapy machine or red lights for the bedroom? Visit our website or contact us for more details.