How To Use Red Light in Therapy At Home?

How To Use Red Light in Therapy At Home?


Red Infrared Light Therapy is a widely used non-invasive therapeutic approach to treat various health issues like muscle recovery, skin-related problems, pain relief, and mental problems. RLT uses low Infrared light at a specific spectrum.

When the light penetrates through the skin, it stimulates cellular activity and improves overall skin health. With the rise of red light therapy device usage, manufacturers have developed the latest RLT devices, especially for home use. These devices come in different sizes and shapes depending on the usage.

RLT is a safe approach but using it at home is a different aspect. In this article, Bontanny will see how to use an RLT device at home effectively, what precautions to take, what mistakes to avoid, how to proceed, and most importantly how to choose the best RLT device. To find out the answer to these questions, let’s move on to the next session.

Selecting Your Red Light Therapy Device

1. Overview Of  Red Light Therapy At Home

 Handheld Devices

These portable handheld devices of Red Light Therapy are very easy to handle and operate. They come in small structures which makes it super convenient to specially treat spotted areas. Handheld RLT devices mostly get their power from built-in batteries and can be recharged anytime. It's a super convenient and accessible option that allows it to be used when you are in a hurry and need RLT right away.

 Wearable Devices

Wearable Red Light Therapy devices are specially designed to treat certain body parts like the face, head, and joints. These devices come with fixtures or straps for firm placement, making them hand-free. It targets the affected area more firmly and focusedly as compared to a handheld device which might get swayed as you hold it.

 Panel Systems

Panel Red Light Therapy systems are usually larger, and specially designed to target big parts of the body like legs, chest, or full back. In a panel RLT system, a person usually gets treatment while lying or standing. It is the best option for offering a uniform treatment for muscle recovery, pain relief, and skin health.

2. What To Look For In A Good Professional Led Light Therapy Machine

 Wavelength And Intensity

LED light therapy gives effective outcomes only when used at a specific range of wavelength spectrum. The normal spectrum range of near-infrared light ranges between 600-1000 nm. If a body is exposed to the wrong spectrum for a longer time it may cause severe health issues. However, high-quality RLT devices come with detailed information of intensity and spectrum range, ensuring a safe treatment experience.

 Size And Ease Of Use

RLT devices come in different sizes and offer different features. Consider why you need an LED light therapy device and which area you want to cure. If it is a small area then a handheld device is best and if opt to treat bigger parts of the body then panel RLT systems are considered the best option. Same as wearable devices are suitable for treating spots but with more ease. Also, make sure that the device is easy to use and convenient and that it has all the setting guidelines available so that you can start it on your own. Otherwise, no good comes in buying a RLT device when you don’t know how to operate it.

 Safety Features

Safety is paramount whenever it comes to dealing with light devices. Make sure to look at whether the Red light therapy device you choose has built-in safety and precautionary guidelines in it or not.  A good Red Light Therapy device has safety features like eye protection, and an automatic turn-off feature, FDA-approved, and tested for efficacy, and safety.

RLT is a safe and approved therapeutic approach but it is always better to take some precautionary measures before using it. When choosing a home RLT device, make sure to go through multiple options, consider each aspect thoroughly, and choose one that aligns with your needs best.

Setting Up For Red Light Therapy At Home

1. Choosing The Right Location And Setting

The setting and location of a Red Light Therapy device at home play an essential role in the overall effectiveness of the session. Make sure the place you choose for setting the RLT device must be quiet, comfortable, and private. This way you can conduct a RLT session more easily and effectively.

2. Basic Safety Tips

For safety concerns, ensure to go through the manual of guidelines thoroughly. Read the instruction that comes with the device and follow it accordingly. Eyes are sensitive parts of the body. RLT is a safe approach but it is always recommended to cover your eyes with safety eyewear and goggles. They protect the eyes from harmful infrared rays in case of high intensity. Also, always start a session with less duration and see the results and side effects. This way gradually increases the duration and intensity of the RLT session. Maintenance and regular cleaning is also necessary for a safe and protective RLT experience.

3. Simple Integration Into Daily Routines

For effective outcomes, integrate Red Light Therapy sessions into a healthy lifestyle. You can use it before going to bed to improve your sleep cycle, after a hectic day to calm your mind, or right after you wake up for a refreshing day. It depends on why you want RLT and when to use it as per schedule.

Using Red Light therapy Effectively

1. Quick Start Guide: How To Use Your Device

Make sure the RLT device is fully charged or plugged in if it operates on electricity.
Thoroughly clean the surface of the skin you want to treat. Do not wear any type of accessories or clothing as it may hinder the light.
Set a timer for the session duration.
Then align the device with the skin at a distance of 6-18 inches as per recommendation.
Cover your eyes with protective eyewear.
Always start with a shorter RLT session and gradually increase the duration as per your skin's comfort.
Turn the device on and enjoy the therapy.

2. Recommended Duration And Frequency For Different Needs

The frequency and duration of RLT depend on various factors like the severity of the condition, the type of skin, and skin sensitivity. Duration of a normal RLT session lasts for almost 3 to 15 minutes as per area 3-5 times per week. However, the intensity and frequency may increase as the severity of the condition increases. Hence, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a physician first for effective use.

3. Tips For Targeting Specific  Areas; Red Light Therapy Before Or After Workout

If you use Red Light therapy for anti-aging treatment then make sure to cover the whole neck and face evenly for better light coverage.
For recovery of muscle, use a handheld device to spot the muscle better or a panel RLT system for broader muscle coverage.
For joint pain, use a handheld or wearable RLT device and directly place it over the area for better results.
To improve hair growth, use a specially designed helmet RLT cap or a handheld RLT device.
However, it is always best to consult with a doctor first before starting any type of treatment at home.

Enhancing The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

1. Lifestyle To Boost Rlt Effects; Red Light Therapy For Face

Integrate a healthy lifestyle to enhance the overall effectiveness of RLT sessions. Stay hydrated all day long, it not only keeps your skin healthy but also helps RLT in improving the overall skin health. Adequate sleep, a healthy and balanced diet, and regular exercise also help the RLT enhance the outcomes of the sessions.

2. Combining With Other Wellness Practices; Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss

Integrate wellness practices into your daily routine. Regular exercise improves blood circulation and helps RLT in relieving pain and muscle recovery. Adopt a healthy skincare routine, and use moisture, and serums to let the penetration of light easily and effectively. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and enhances the oxygenation in tissues which helps in better muscle recovery and joint pains.

3. Setting Realistic Expectations And Tracking Improvements

For better outcomes, note down your everyday report. You can make a journal and add photos and details to it. Set a realistic goal for yourself and try to achieve it gradually. Do not overdo yourself, and make goals as per your body's comfort. Also, consistency plays an important role in the overall improvement of treatment. Therefore, make sure to follow your session plan regularly.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

1. Overuse And Incorrect Use

Ensure to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer every time you do an RLT session. Extra use of RLT may cause adverse effects and lead to health issues. Also, ensure to place the device at the right location at the right distance. It ensures that light only targets the affected area and is not exposed to light for a longer time.

2. Misunderstanding IT's Capabilities

Red Light Therapy is an effective therapeutic solution for various health issues but it also has some limitations. It is necessary to understand that limitation and use RLT devices accordingly. Therefore, be sure to consult with a professional before starting any sessions and see whether RLT will be helpful in any way or not.

3. Neglecting Device Care And Maintenance

RLT device is a technology that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Every device has its durability and lifespan, you can easily enhance RLT lifespan with regular maintenance. Moreover, routine inspection helps you in finding potential errors in the device and protects you from unwanted incidents.

Advanced Tip For Regular Users

1. Personalizing Your RLT Routine

The Red Light Therapy device has the biggest advantage of customization. It allows you to set the device as per your needs. Therefore, make sure to adjust the frequency and duration of the RLT session as to your body's comfort. Stay in your zone and see which duration is best for you. Also, use different RLT devices for different uses for better and more effective results.

2. Staying Updated With RLT Trends And Research

Stay updated with the latest trends and clinical research about RLT and make changes in your routine according to that. You can also join RLT communities or online forums for the latest updates and tips.

3. Experimenting With RLT Timings And Combinations

The best thing about having an RLT device at home is you can get an RLT session at any time of day. Conduct experiments at different times of the day and see which suits you best. Also, try to add a different healthy lifestyle routine with an RLT session and note the outcomes. This allows you to get the best out of your RLT sessions and improves your overall well-being.


Red Light Therapy machine change the perspective of getting treatment at the exact time in the clinics. With the RLT device, you can easily get that session right at your home without any effort. RLT devices come in different sizes and shapes with diverse features depending on the application and usage of the device.

Therefore, it is always best to consider a few factors before choosing a RLT device. RLT is a safe therapeutic technique, however, it's still advised to take precautionary measures and follow the guidelines of the manufacturer before using any RLT device.

Buy the Bontanny Portable Series Red Light Therapy Device to adopt a healthy routine and incorporate it with your RLT session to enhance the overall therapeutic experience.

Ensure to follow guidelines while using the RLT device, the frequency, intensity, duration, and distance from the skin, all play vital roles in the effective and safe usage. Also, make sure to regularly clean and maintain the device for longer and safer usage.